22 Feb 2014

I Heart Knitwear!

If you were to look in my wardrobe you would find hundreds upon thousands of knitwear: baggy jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and oversized knits. They can be worn with just about anything and although most people assume they are only for the winter months, they can be worn during the summer as well. If you don't own any knitwear I suggest you go out and treat yourself, you will never look back. I guess that is what happened to me since all I seem to be wearing at the moment is knitwear. And it wasn't until today that I realised just how many jumpers and knits I actually own. The ones below are my favourite knits that I own and that I don't think I could survive without. Sorry about having to take the pictures in a very make-up caked mirror with the flash on my camera. My photographer (Mum!) wasn't around and I didn't look particularly attractive that day either :

#1- Animal Sweater (see what I mean about the mirror!)

#2- Disney's Mickey Mouse Jumper

#3- Stripy Knit 

#1-Sweater- New Look | Leggings- BHS
#2-Jumper- Ebay | Leggings- BHS | Camera- Amazon
#3- Knit- Primark | Leggings- BHS

Total price of all products shown at the time of publishing: £121.99

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