21 Feb 2014

Nail Art: Half & Half

I have always enjoyed painting my nails but recently I have been inspired by some of the blogs online to become more adventurous and try some nail art, rather than one coat of boring red nail polish and say "finished". So here is one of my first attempts at a design I like to call Half & Half :

I used Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in 110 Baby Bellini for the base coat. On the back it states that it only needs one coat for a smooth, bold finish but I ended up using 3 coats to achieve the finish above. I got a very nice finish that sparking in the sunlight. 

           I then covered 1/3 of each nail, using a pointed paintbrush, with Sinful Color Professional in silver/pearl. It isn't one my favourite nail polishes because it is very clumsy to get onto the nails and chips very easily but looks good if applied correctly. To stop it chipping I brushed over a clear nail polish that I brought in Primark for £2 to protect it and give extra shine, although I find it is best to reapply this each day to make the design stay longer. 
 It took about 20 mins to do both hands not including the time I took to practise the design on a piece of paper which I ALWAYS do before beginning. You can see that it is very messy and not as neat as it could be but I'll just keep practising until I get it right, after all practise makes perfect! 

Happy Painting, 
Beth xx

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