26 Feb 2014

You have not lived until you have...

  1. Stepped in dog poo in your best pair of converse trainers
  2. Slipped on ice in front of more than a dozen people who were still laughing 10 minutes after it happens
  3. Had your knickers on display when you exited the public bathroom (Oh, and toilet paper attached to your shoe)
  4. Flashed the person walking behind you as the wind blew your skirt up 
  5. Had a paper cut (possible the smallest but most painfullest thing ever)
  6.  Grated your finger, while using a grater, instead of the cheese 
  7. Had an ice bath 
  8. Attempted to make a cake, but eaten all of  mixture by mistake because it was "so good!"
  9. Owned a pet 
  10. Stubbed your toe (second most painfullest thing) and hopped around the room for a few minutes screaming "AH I THINK ITS BROKEN!"
  11. Fallen down the stairs before smashing into a very expensive piece of furniture or the TV
  12. Watched a Disney Movie 
  13. Tripped and dropped all your popcorn at the cinema, then brought a second pot and dropped that too
  14. Watched a horror movie and not been able to sleep for a week after it 
  15. Walked into a door because you thought it was open 
  16. Eatten a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in one go
  17. Been chased by a very angry looking goose
  18. Fallen into your washing basket 
  19. Bashed your head on the corner of a cupboard door
  20. Got a splinter (a kids worst nightmare)
  21. Been pooed on by a seagull 
  22. Been bitten by a crab in the sea so that your are now terrified of going to the beach
  23. Been sunburnt so you looked like Rudolph the Reindeer
  24. Read all seven of the Harry Potter books then watched all eight of the films 
  25. Accidental stabbed yourself with a very sharp HB pencil 
  26. Been listening to music, in public, with headphones on then realised that you were actually singing out loud
  27. Been canoeing on a river
  28. Had afternoon tea at a teashop (very British I know)
  29. Been birdwatching- which is strangely enjoyable and not just an old man's thing
  30. Been ice skating and fallen over 
  31. Tried doing some Yoga 
  32. Watched a documentary- you might just learn something useful
  33. Just sat outside in the summer and listened to the sounds of nature 
  34. Visited the Yorkshire Moors in England which are truly a beautiful place 
  35. Watched an episode of the hit comedy series Miranda                                                                           An episode I found on youtube  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w437ZnkvsE4)                          And the best bits of all the series put together (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTf17cmPl0
If you hadn't already guessed I have done all theses things and I consider them to be the foundations of my personality and what made me who I am today. So I guess the message is that if you want to be like me than do all the 35 things listed above...wait no...don't be like me...just do the 35 things listed above just for a laugh and some experience (if you can even call being pooed on by some crazy animal an experience!)

Let me know if anybody of you do try some of the things out by commenting on this post,
Have fun xx 

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