27 Mar 2014

A Grape (Fit!) A Day Keeps My Sadness Away

 You may remember me speaking about the nail polish that I brought while on the ferry back from French ( here*). I tried it out the other day (to much excitement on my behalf) but was unable to tell you all about it until now. 

So here is the little beauty: 

This colour instantly caught my eye. Despite the hundreds of other nail polishes that lined the walls, I just fell in love with it! It didn't even matter that it used up the remaining £9.60 in my purse. It was worth it.

I applied the first coat, which dried very quickly, and then the second with ease. I had to redo my thumb and ring finger though as some of my old nail polish was still present, leaving a very bumpy and unattractive looking nail. But all the others were successful, perfectly smooth and shiny. 


They did chip a little but that was mostly due to that fact that I didn't put a top coat on as I couldn't find it (but don't worry my brother found it down the back of the sofa!)


I would definitely recommend this! The finishing result is beautiful

#1- O.P.I Nail Lacquer in A Grape Fit- Amazon

Total price of all products at time of publish: £6.98

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