19 Mar 2014

France & Belgium 2014

 Bonjour et salut mes belles lecteurs. That is French for 'hello and hi my beautiful readers' and if you were in Belgium you could most probably say Dank u (thank you in Flemish which is surprisingly an actually a language) to which I would reply Zonder dank (meaning your welcome in Flemish).

If you hadn't already guessed by the title of this post or the fact that my opening paragraph contained words in French and Flemish, I  recently went on a trip to (you guessed it!) France and Belgium. The weather was absolutely wonderful with the sun almost always shining above us- which if you come from the UK ,where it constantly rains for most of the year, is like all your birthdays have come at once. But in true British style I packed woolly jumpers, coats, jeans and not even a single pair of shorts or sunglasses!

In Belgium we visited The Flanders Field War Museum in a town called Ypres (pronounced E-prah not Wi-pers as I originally went around saying for the first few hours only to be looked at strangely by the locals). Then to the most AMAZING chocolate shop in the whole entire world where I basically spent the majority of my money. We also visited The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing which is a war memorial in the town dedicated to the British and Commonwealth soldiers who were killed in the Ypres Salient of World War I and whose graves are unknown. All of walls and ceilings of the gate are completely covered in people's names and you just can't help the little trickle of water that runs down your cheek. It was the same when we visited the graveyard of soliders who had died fighting for their country. All the headstones were exactly the same, lined up in rows with a poppy or two beside each. One grave I saw belong to a boy named Valentine Joe Strudwick aged merely 15. The grass around his headstone was trodden down and flatten from the amount of people who had probably stood in the very same spot that I stood in and thought about how cruel it was that a boy so young, with so much to live for, was now buried beneath our feet. 


I stayed in Le Ch√Ęteau D'ebblinghem which apart from the disgusting food served at breakfast and dinner and the rather cramped rooms that looked like prison cells, it was a beautiful house (well at least from the outside anyway!). We also went to a sweet factory and traditional bakery where we made bread and croissants in the north of France. 

On the ferry home I thought I should buy something other than food so I spent 15 euros/£9.69 on the most gorgeous O.P.I nail polish in A Grape Fit. It is actually the most expensive nail polish I own so I can't wait to try it out soon and see if it was worth the money!
I'll let you all know how it turns out,
Beth xxx

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