24 Mar 2014

My Top Holiday Essentials

Am I the only person who thinks that packing their suitcase is the worst part of their holiday? 

I just hate it, mostly because I can't decide on what to pack so I always end up packing everything until I realise that I can't actually do the zip up. So I have to take everything out again, remove some of the clothes (by which I mean one item) and repack it all over again. But guess what? The zip still won't do up! It's like it hates me. And because of all that packing, unpacking, repacking malarkey I always end up forgetting something important. 
So to prevent you from doing exactly the same thing as me, I have created a list of my top holiday essentials that hopefully you won't forget to take with you. 

So, My Top Holiday Essentials are...

1. A Tangle Teezer!
I have seriously thick hair, so thick in fact that I struggle to brush my hair with anything other than my Tangle Teezer. However, it works with all kinds of hair and really does work miracles.  I own the orange brush but there are plenty of other colours and styles that you can buy. 

2. Impulse Mini Trio
This mini gift set is perfect for caring around in your bag because it barely takes up any room and is super light! It comes in three different scents Into Glamour, Very Pink and True Love. Into Glamour is my favourite simply because it smells the nicest and I always get compliments when I'm wearing it. Plus it's only £2.99! 

3. Women's 4 Way Nail Block
I always think it is so important to look after your nails. So this file, buffer, shine and polish all in one is a must have on a holiday! It is really handy as it gives your nails a pick up that leaves them smooth, shiny and looking very professional. Its so easy to use as well. 

4. Seventeen Mascara 
This black mascara is my all-time favourite mascara! It is very thick and inky, which I love as my eyelashes are quite light and stumpy. However, this mascara only comes in a gift set that also contains eye-shadow, lip gloss, blusher, bronzer, pencil and gel eye liner, metallic eye cream, primer, make-up brushes, curlers and a pencil sharper. But I think its worth the money! 

5. John Freida Collection Frizz-Ease
 My hair is naturally very curly (which I hate so I straighten it) but that means it can become very frizzy and unmanageable. This spray works wonders at taming the fly-aways and curls. 

 6. Vaseline Lip Therapy Petroleum Jelly Original
This is the one product that I really couldn't live without. It works wonders to heal your lips in the winter but also works as a very good lip gloss when melted in the microwave for 10 seconds with a chunk of lipstick mixed it. I also use it on my eyelids, eyebrows to hold them in place and eyelashes to extend them and make them appear darker when I have no mascara to hand.

7. Slanted Tweezers 
For a girl with rather thick, dark eyebrows theses tweezers are a life saver (unless like you like to sport the mono-brow look then that's fine with me).

8. Nail Polish Remover
To be honest I don't really have a favourite remover as they are all quiet similar. I just use whatever one I can find in my make-up bag at the time. However, I do prefer the pads to the liquid. I wouldn't recommend using the Elegant Touch one shown in the picture though as it is quiet oily and smells extremely strong. 

And finally...
9. Barbara Daley Powder Brush
This amazing little powder brush comes in a set of 5 of brushes including one of foundation, eyeshadow/concealer, lips, lashes and eyebrows. All brushes do their job perfectly leaving a smooth and even coverage of make-up without any bits of brush left on your face. They are super soft and come in a cute little black case making them even easier to fit in your suitcase for your summer break in America, Australia, Caribbean...or... the... North Pole.

#1- Tangle Teezer-Boots
#2- Impulse Mini Trio- Superdrug
#3- Nail block- Ebay 
#4- Mascara- Ebay
#5- Fizz-Ease- Lloyd's Pharmacy 
#6- Lip therapy- Boots
#7- Slanted Tweezers- Models Own
#9- Barbara Daley Powder Brush- Tesco

Total price of all products at the time of publish: £46.04

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