31 Mar 2014

"Sorry, my schedule's jam packed!"

Happy late Mother's Day to all of your yummy mummies out there or possible to you, the extremely wonderful down-with-the- kids-mum who is reading this now (although you probably have better things to do but still I thank you very sweetly for visiting us so neatly!)

I am very busy ,as the title would suggest, but I found a little time to squeeze in this post for you all on this fine Monday afternoon. 

Above is a picture of my hero, which you will be surprised to find out is not a person as you had probably been expecting. My hero is Hartley's No Added Sugar Jelly Pot! I once read about them being a really good snack for people who want to lose/maintain their weight or who just want to eat a guilty-free sweet treat once in a while.

The thing I love about this 6 calorie (22kj) jelly pot is that it is gluten, carbohydrate and fat free with no artificial colours or flavourings. Better still it only contains 1.2g of sugar and 0.16g of salt per pot! Considering that we should have 90g of sugar and 6g of salt each day, this jelly pot barley leaves a mark behind. Plus it comes in a variety of great flavours, bursting with fruity goodness: Orange, raspberry, lemon and lime! (My favourite is the raspberry shown in the first picture at the bottom of the pyramid)

So get yourself down to your local supermarket today and stock up on JELLY! 

To be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet

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