25 Apr 2014

A Girl's Worst Nightmare!

I've always been a fan of Clean & Clear products. So I was really happy the other day to find some rather useful tools on their website that I thought I would share.

Spots are probably one of the most hated things in the whole world. They are sneaky little things that pop up out of nowhere for no good reason, at really bad times, and just look ugly no matter how much you try to hide them. I always get break outs when I have something important planned to do like a friends party or a family reunion. I spend the whole time being so self-concious about them that I don't enjoy myself and would like nothing better than to run all the way home and hide under my duvet in bed. It never gets easier. But what surprises me is the fact that even though we all get them from time to time nobody seems all that keen to discuss it or offer any advice. It seems like a taboo subject theses days.
For that reason, there are a lot of myths surrounding spots like the fact that they are contagious, caused by an unhealthy diet or lack of hygiene. People don't take consider acne as a medical problem or know that you can go to your local doctor who can prescribe you cream and pills to take for it.

I remember getting my first spot around 10 or 11 and completely going into meltdown.  We'd be told at primary school that we would get 'spots' but at the time I didn't even know what a spot looked like, how it was caused or what was the best way to get rid of it. I kind of expected it to be like a cut you get on your arm when you fall over and thought it would scab over or something. But it wasn't like that at all. One day it was there and the next it wasn't. I literally thought somebody had come and peeled it right off my skin, like a plaster, while I slept.

So on the Clean & Clear website I found a page with advice and information on spots which I would happily take and show my 12 year old self if we ever one day worked out how to travelled back in time (along with visiting Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, the dinosaurs, Jesus, my great-grandparents and a disco in the 80s!).

I also found a 4 question quiz that you can complete anonymously online that will ask you about your skin's condition and at the end recommend some of their products that would best suit you based on answers you gave. It is really helpful as I often find it hard to find products that are 100% perfect for my skin type, but this tool allows me quickly and easily find the perfect one.

I hope this helps and is some comfort to you as you now know that your not the only one suffering. Maybe you even learnt a thing or two. 

Let me know if you visit either of the links that I have given or maybe you have some advice of your own. I'm all ears xx 

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