19 Apr 2014

Easter Fun #2

So it is officially Easter now! Therefore I can "officially" write Happy Easter To You! 

On Thursday I decided to get myself into the Easter-y (is that even a word?) mood again by painting my nails bright green! The colour of spring. I was planning on attempting a little yellow chick on my thumb but I just ran out of time. Even so I think they look very nice, wouldn't you agree?

I really love this colour because it isn't a sickly green like some of the polishes that I have sampled over the years. It is much paler, more pastel like. 

I used a L'Oreal nail polish in Wasabi. It is from one of their mini nail polish collections so you don't get much of it in a bottle and its hard to get the last bits out. However, because it is a smaller bottle it is cheaper which is probably why it isn't one of the best nail vanishes that I have used. 

It found that it didn't give a smooth finish and a minimum of 3-4 coats is needed, yet even then it is uneven and messy. I wouldn't really recommend this certain one but I think that a green tone similar to this polish is essential  for any girl's beauty bag. You can never go wrong with a bit of green, trust me!

#1-L'Oreal Color Riche Nails Wasbi Hint 833- Superdrug

Love Beth xx

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