23 Apr 2014

Easter Fun #4

On Easter Sunday, I had a pretty lazy day just sitting around indoors eating my Easter eggs. Just to let you know that they aren't all mine in the picture below. Only the chocolate bunny and one of the Mars eggs under that are mine too. The rest are my brother's! I sense a bit of favouritism going on here.   

After eating most of the chocolate bunny's head in the morning, I decided to spend the afternoon causally painting hard boiled eggs "like they did in the good old days" as my dad said when he found me sucking on the end of the paintbrush in deep thought about the next colour I was going to use. They now sit proudly on my bedroom window sill looking as beautiful as ever: 

This is the last of the 'Easter Fun' posts and I'm glad to see that so many of you have enjoyed reading them. Maybe I'll do something like this again soon...

Love Beth xx

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