9 Apr 2014

Have A Sniff Of This!

Good new! I'm off for two weeks for Easter until 22nd when my revision begins for GCSE exams at the end of May and June. Wish me luck...

The only thing that is getting me through all that stress is the smell of Original Source shower gel! I know it sounds weird but you cannot judge me until you have opened the lid of this product and smelt it. Honestly it is one of the best things I have ever smelt in my life. Its good enough to eat! 

Not only does it leave you smelling gorgeous but it leaves your skin so smooth and silky. For a person with very dry arms, this item is a must! Not only that but it is 100% animal cruelty free, uses natural fragrances from the real fruit and oils they put in and the WHOLE bottle can be recycled. 

In my opinion this product just keeps getting better and better. 



My favourite ones are the Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry, because it really does smell like you have just stuck your head in a huge bowl of hand-picked strawberries and cream and the Lemon and Tea Tree shower gel which is such a beautiful colour when squeezed onto a sponge and makes the bathroom smell like you are cooking pancakes.

You can also buy shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam, bubble bath and body lotion to name but a few. They may be slightly more expensive than ordinary products but I think its worth it.  

In a few days, I hope to go to my local supermarket and see people down the body aisle sneakily undoing the lids of Original Source products to have a smell of it. Then start shouting at their parents/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/cousin/dog (or whoever else they happen to be out shopping with) to "COME HERE RIGHT NOW AND HAVE A SNIFF OF THIS!"

Happy Sniffing,
Beth xx

(Packs of 6)
#1-Shower gel- Amazon
#2- Shower gel- Amazon 

Total price of all products shown at the time of publishing: £25.79

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