6 Apr 2014

Q&A: The Best Way To Remove Polish

Recently I was sent this message from a reader:

"Hi Beth, how is the best way to get rid of excess polish around the nails without ruining the work I just did" 

The simple answer to this wonderful question is ear buds!

The secret is to dip one end of the ear bud  into a liquid remover- I used the basic Superdrug one but it doesn't really matter as they all work the same. Then you use it to gently clean up around the nails without causing any harm to the nail polish you just applied. It is quick, simple and easy to do. 

WARNING!! Do not try if you have a cut or something on the skin as it will sting like mad, as I just found out when I was using my new O.P.I nail vanish (here*)

Hope this helps you.
I'm open for any more questions you may have. My contact details can be found here

Love Beth xoxo
Please note questions will only be published publicly once I have gotten the person's consent 

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