27 Apr 2014

The Kite Runner I Khaled Hosseini

Over the two weeks that I have had off I have literally had my nose stuck in this book for the majority of the time. This will be the third time that I have read The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini but yet when I turned the last page, I wanted to flick back to the start of the book and read it all over again. This is the one book that I will never, ever, ever get bored of!

Set in Afghanistan, this story follows the life of a boy named Amir as he struggles for his father's attention. The first half of the book consists of Amir looking back on his childhood and reflecting on an event that took place one day that would later go on to change his life forever. But years later after moving to America, marrying and forging a successful career as an author, Amir cannot forgot the incident that happen all that time ago. So he over comes his fears and travels to extremes to fix the problems that he had left behind him in the hope that he now might be able to sleep peacefully again at night. But all is not what it seems...

The plot of this book is so thick and surprising. Ever time I read it I am still as shocked as the first time. Just trust me when I say that this book this one of my favorite books for a reason. It is one of the best books that I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time. Hosseini has this long lasting ability to organize and write a plot that can make you smile, laugh and cry all at the same time.

 Every time I read it I am completely sucked into a world of fear and heartache at the hands of the Taliban. You are shown an insight into a whole new culture that you have never experience before and since reading this book I have learnt a lot about the world. Black, white, blue or green everyone deserves a shot at happiness.

So for people who say that books cannot move you to the point where you actually sit and cry when you close the last page, please read get a copy of The Kite Runner and read it. You will thank me in the long run. And I guarantee that it will move even the most coldest of hearts and bring a smile to your face that will not leave for a week


Happy reading,
Love Beth xx

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