30 May 2014

On My Nails I Sally Hansen

I don't have much time but I didn't promise a review of my nail polish in my last This Week In Numbers (*here). So here's a quickie:

I brought this from Superdrug, but I actually found a better deal online. However, I don't mind having paid the extra price because I am officially in love with this polish!

I wore it out with my friends and was given a bunch of compliments from 'your nails are such a nice colour!' to 'can I feel them?' and 'they are so sparkly!'. All of which were completely true- I cannot deny that.

It is really unusual compared to your average nail polish because when you begin to put it on your nails it doesn't even look polish! It looks like little bits of glitter have stuck to your nails during a session of art and crafts. But once you begin to build up the coats you get this stunning turquoise colour that shimmers in the light. I particularly like the texture of my nails once they are painted as they feel really bumpy and almost sand paper-ish.
Hate having short nails, yet I still bite 'em
Wait...that probably wasn't a good description but believe me it feels and looks really good, once you get the hang of applying it. It lasts for a good week or so before it starts peeling off/cracking. However I did end up picking it off not long after that because that and biting my nails is one my of my biggest (and most annoying!) habits. No matter how much I resist the urge I always end up doing it, sometimes I don't even notice until it is too late!

Check out that Tweetie Pie top!

#1-Sally Hansen Gem Crush, 04 Bling Tastic- Chemist Direct

28 May 2014

The Faults In Our Stars I John Green

I promised in my last This Week In Numbers (*here) that I would post a review of John Green's book, The Fault In Our Stars, once I had finished reading it. So here it is:

My friend was the first to recommend this book to me. I had heard the title popping out here and there but I had not pay much attention to it until she began talking about it and telling me that 'I HAD TO READ IT!'. Once I had finally gotten my hands on it, I got to work reading:

'Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten'

 I didn't really know what to expect after reading the blurb- possibly a really depressing book all about death and that I would be crying over at every page. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the story was focused on life, being very much alive and also about how love can change everything, not just Hazel and Augustus's love for each other but also their love for the simple things in life like books, video games and their family.

John Green is a very intelligent man. He speaks about Cancer in such a beautiful, almost poetic way that what was once, for me, a word which was as good as handing a person their gravestone and a shovel, into something that doesn't seen so scary any more.

Even though it is purely fictional some of the ideas are of course real. It gives us an insight into the minds of not only the sufferer of the illness but also their friends, their family and even the people they see on the street.

Although I did find that the plot in the middle section of the book become very labored and boring as I counted several chapters in which the characters were doing nothing of much interest, I liked that it highlighted one of Green's metaphors for how he detests people who rush through life doing daring, adventurous things and never sitting down to just reflect on life. Just like how Hazel's name is a metaphor for how she is always hanging in the middle, stuck between life and death, health and sickness because the colour hazel is neither brown or black!

Now we just have to wait for the film! 
Love Beth xx

26 May 2014

Happiness Is...

Although Professor Dumbledore is merely a character from a children's book, created from JK Rowling's imagination and recorded in black and white, he is still one of the most intelligent people that I have ever known...even if he is only alive in my mind. .  
His quote (above) is pure genius and out of the all the quotes listed on Google, this one is the most correct portray of happiness. You know what happiness is, right? According to my Oxford Dictionary it is defined as 'feeling or showing pleasure or contentment'. But is that all happiness is? A sentence containing 6 words?

To me being happy and expressing happiness is so much more. Its one of the most important emotions we, as human beings, are capable of feeling. It is one of the best emotion we are capable of feeling! It cannot be defined so briefly, so inconsiderately....so unhappily. To me, happiness is...
  • When you are surrounded by the people you love and care for the most, because you know they don't have the choice to stop loving you. They always will. 
  • Doing something simple and inexpensive, thinking 'I never want this to end'
  • Finding yourself staring up at the night sky and smiling for no reason
  • Hearing a song that takes you back to your childhood
  • Waking up to the sound of birds singing
  • Smiling for so long your face aches
  • Smelling cakes baking in the oven 
  • Making other people happy
  • Your morning cup of tea 
  • When you say 'Life eh?' and can't stop grinning
  • Getting into bed at night, looking up at the ceiling and thinking  'That was a good day' 
  • When it rains and your indoors
  • The day your family watches a film together 
  • Summer 
  • Going through hell and coming out the other side stronger 
  • Curling up on the sofa with a good book
  • Making your parents proud 
  • Strawberries and cream 
  • Looking back at the past, smiling 
  • Achieving something, even if it is only something 
  • Laughing so hard it hurts
  • Bright colours 
With all that be to happy for, why are so many people still not smiling? 

Spreading happiness through out the world.

Hope you catch some,
Love Beth xx

24 May 2014

This Week in Numbers #2

Hi All, not had a very busy week but anyway: 

Last week I had 25% of my Child Play and Learning Development GCSE. It is only the exam that I will need to take for that course, the rest is pretty much just course work and controlled assessments. In two/three weeks (6th and 12th June) I have my 1st science exam with two more to come next year. 

I was very proud of myself having concentrated enough to spend 7 full hours revising this week. But it doesn't stop there. I've still got three more weeks of revision to cram in! It's a wonder I even get time to blog. 

Also this week I went shopping and added another nail polish to my slowly-but-surely-growing collection. I now have a grand total of 8! I used to have a lot more but I threw most of them away because they were the cheap types that dry up and go lumpy if you keep them for more than a week. 
I also went shopping and brought the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polish in Bling Tastic from Superdrug. I got a lot of compliments from my friends about it because it is such a beautiful colour and has a really unusual texture. Later on in the week I will be putting up a review of it, so keep an eye out. I think I'm on to a winner here! 

And lastly, while I am waiting for Divergent to come (remember the book of the film that I reviewed a little while ago? I have been reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. 

A friend of mine recommend it to me and she spoke so highly of it that I thought it must be good. I've read more than 3/4 of the way through (Chapter 15, page 230 to be precise!) and have already fallen in love with the two main characters, Hazel and Augustus. I don't think it is one of my favourite books I have read but I might change my mind by the end, where I have suspect one of the two will die. I think I know who it is but I won't say in case I ruin it for you. Hopefully it isn't too sad! Once I have finished it I will be writing a review, hopefully by the end of week as well. Bet you can't wait for that either! 

Have you read TFIOS yet? What did you think about it? 

22 May 2014

Strawberry & Raspberry Flan

Last weekend the weather was SO warm and like most Brits, the moment the sun comes out so does the BBQ (and the lawnmower but that's a different story!). Some of my family come around and we had a big get together in the garden, feasting on beef burgers in sesame seed buns, sausages, fresh salad and nachos and melted cheese. Me and my mum thought it would be nice to make a fruit flan for dessert. We went out, brought all the ingredients and made it fresh that day. 

Its looks and tastes amazing, is really simple and easy to make since you don't need to cook it and it is perfect for any party, BBQ or even just for yourself! Here's how to make it: 

  • 1 Large flan case
  • 1 Punnet of strawberries (you can used canned fruit in syrup/natural juice but I prefer to use fresh fruit)
  • 1 Punnet of raspberries 
  • Green's Red Quick Jel (or a brand like it) 
  • 25g (1oz) Sugar
  • 200ml (7 fl.oz) Cold water


1. Wash the fruit under cold water using a sieve/colander

  2. On a chopping board or plate, cut the green tops off of the strawberries. Then cut each strawberry in half. 

3. Fill the flan case up with the fruit, laying the strawberries down flat. Start around the edge and work into the middle. 

4. Put the flan to one side once completed. 

5. Pour the Red Quick Jel (if you are using a different brand just follow the instructions on the back) sachet into a small saucepan with the cold water and sugar.  

6. Stir with a wooden spoon while you heat to boiling. 

7. Boil for a minute without stirring, then remove from the heat once it looks like the picture (left). 

8. Leave to stand for 10 minutes, stirring it occasionally you will notice that it has begun to thicken. 

9. After 10 minutes is up, spoon carefully over the fruit while the mixture is still runny. It will become jelly like very quickly after doing so. 

10. Cut into slices and enjoy within 5 days. Best served with cream or ice cream!


Let me know if you try out this or any other recipes that I have posted previously by commenting below or emailing me (details on the Contact page). I'm not trying to make you fat, I just want you to enjoy baking/cooking as much I do! 

Happy Berry/Flan Eating!
Signing Off- Bethany x 

19 May 2014

The BAFTA Awards 2014

On Sunday, the annual BAFTA Awards were held at the Theatre Royal in London's Dury Lane. Many of TV's most famous faces graced the red carpet in their beautiful, somewhat daring outfits along with their partners and fellow co-stars. The show was hosted, as always, by the wonderful Graham Norton but to be honest I was paying more attention to the celebrities outfits than to the winners of the gongs! Although I did happen to be paying attention when my self-confessed-guilty-pleasure-soap-opera Coronation Street won Best Soap Award!

Now down to business as always:


First on my list of Best Dressed People is stunning supermodel Naomi Campbell. Even though she wasn't nominated for an award, all eyes were on her in this racy floor-length gown with dramatic cup-out details at the waist and chest. I think she could have easily over done with outfit in her oh-so-glamorous-way, but instead she kept her make-up and accessories to a minimum with just a few golden bangles and flick of mascara and lippy. And gosh, I don't know whether that was her real hair or not but it was pretty much grazing her bottom. I have no idea how she managed to sit down for all that time without painfully sitting on it!


Next is one of my favourite Corrie Actresses Samia Ghadie (Oh come on! One of them had to be there somewhere didn't it?) who looked stunning in her black figure-hugging dress. The feature gold bead and stud detail on the straps as well as sexy sheer panel at her waist transformed this simple dress into a work of art. What I love most is how her hair, which on the show is normally left down and untidy, has been twisted into a low bun with those beautiful curls hanging down to frame her face. Trying too hard to appear to be bed-head but other than that, PERFECT! 


Poor Sheridan Smith (above) was slammed for her new pink punk inspired hair cut that she unveiled for the first time at the Awards. But I think she looked wonderful and that it worked well with her white knee-length dress, nude heels and light purple manicure. Its nice to see somebody stepping outside the box and trying something different. Its nice to see a pop of colour in the dull world of black and white! Good for you Sherri.

Did you watch the BAFTAs? Who do you think shone?

Speak soon,
Lots of Love Beth xx 

17 May 2014

This Week in Numbers #1

Hiya! Just thought I would try something new after seeing several different versions of this sort of thing on some blogs. I added my own little touch to it by designing the number chart you see below. If the trial of  This Week in Numbers is successful I hope that it will become a reoccurring, weekly part of WIBAW. Thank You. 

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week, especially at the weekend when the BBC News Team announced that we were in the middle of a heat wave! And thanks to the lovely sunshine, the roses on the bush at the bottom on my garden, have suddenly decided to spring forth from their green buds and show off their little pink heads to the world. It makes a change to see a colour in the garden other than green. No offence green! 

Unfortunately all the hot weather has also made all of the bugs come out. So my legs are currently covered in itchy unsightly gnat bites, which is REALLY annoying since I can't wear the shorts and top combo that I brought a little while back!

Also I have gotten in to the habit of drinking 3 cups of tea each day (2 sugar and a splash of milk if you please!). One in the morning, one mid-afternoon and the third in the evening always while I am watching TV. Is that normal? I think it could be one of the many side effects of being British known as Addictive Tea Drinking Disorder or ATDD. 
Might attempt to cut it down to 1 a day but hey ho, I'll leave that for some other day when I get bored of it... if I get bored of it :) 

I dedicated my third and final circle to the 100 squats that I managed to do on Friday. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was -considered that I thought I would be dead by the end of it! A lot of my friends tell me how they go jogging and to the gym each week where as I ,on the other hand, do not do much exercise other than PE class. But I promise you this now that once I have finished by exams, I will start to do more exercise. Maybe I'll think about going swimming again like I used to a few years ago as it works almost every muscle in your body, including your heart. Plus you don't get sweaty which is what I hate most! 

What have you been up to this week? 

15 May 2014

Revision! Revision! Revision!

It feels like I have been away for ages, not a couple of days. I've got three of my GCSE coming up very soon- much sooner than I thought until I looked at my calendar and realised that the first was on MONDAY! So I have been a very good, busy bee. Revising and studying has basically become my life for the past few months. I have got so behind on my other school work, my inbox is exploding with e-mails and I have missed so many of my favourite blogs! I will catch up on them ASAP.

I find that, for me, the best way to revise is by using as many of my senses as I possibly can for say one  paragraph of information from a textbook. 
  • First I will read the paragraph over and over until I completely understand what it means, sometimes I will record myself saying it and listen back to it before I go to bed  two/three nights before an exam. 
  • Then I underline or highlight the 'keywords' in bright colours in the textbook, before reading them over a few times. 
  • I then cut pieces of paper into strips (as seen in the picture above) and write out the paragraph, changing some of the words to make it easier to remember. 
  • I turn the paper over and write a question or two that refer to the info in paragraph on the back, which I get a family member or friend to ask me a few days after I have written it to see if I can really remember the fact.
 I don't do this for every paragraph just the ones that I think are important or ones that contain the information I struggle to remember.

This methods allows me to use my sense of sight, hearing, speech and really does help me remember things because I haven't just sat and read a page in a book instead I have written it, listened to it and spoken it out loud. I once read that writing in blue on coloured paper helps memory, so I sometimes use that method too. But ultimately past-papers from previous exams are your best choice once you think you know all the facts. A lot of exam papers repeat some of the questions from previous years or follow that type of question structure so it is always helpful to attempt a few papers, even if you just look at the answers! 

Gosh, I don't know how I am going to cope next year with 20+ exams all on top of each other, when I'm freaking out about 3! People have done it before me so it must be achievable...I hope! 

Do you have exams coming up? How do you normally revise?


11 May 2014


I am a MASSIVE Eurovision Song Contest fan! It is a pretty sad thing to admit, but its true. During the course of the show I scored each act out of 10 and my top three come out as follows:

  1. Denmark  

  1. Ukraine

  1. Romania 

Unfortunately I turned out wrong and neither of the three countries really came anywhere to be proud of. Ukraine reached number 6,  Denmark number 9 and poor Romania falling to number 12. And our even poorer United Kingdom contestant Molly failed to hit the mark with her self-written song Children Of The Universe. Good try though! Instead Austria's bearded-women-who-actually-turned-out-be-a-man-act was crowned the winner with her/his James Bond style song Rise Like A Phoenix. 

But to be honest the whole show is based on politics and the "that country didn't help us so we aren't going to vote for them" sort of vibe. Even if contestants had just stood on the stage and made faces at the audience until they were red as a tomato, the results would have been the same. We could have written the best song in the world but we would never have won. 

But still it is great fun to watch, I just can't help feeling sorry for next years entry. Good luck because your going to need it.

10 May 2014

The Perfect Fit!

I admit it, I am a complete nightmare when it comes to shoes! My feet are naturally very long and slim and of course, being my awkward self, they are a size 6 and a half. Most shops don't cater for half sizes so finding a pair of shoes that fit perfectly is almost impossible. A size 6 is too small and a size 7 is too big. For that reason slip-on flats (or any shoes without straps or laces for that matter) never fit me. 

Does anybody else have this problem or is it just me? 

However...Thanks to my wonderful mother, I found a pair of  plain black flats online at New Look that ACTUALLY come in half sizes! They are currently available as £12.99 and also come in normal sizes as well. 

Verdict: I really love these shoes- one of the first pairs of flats I have had owned in ages! Not only do they fit perfectly and are super comfortable, they add a bit of glamour to any outfit transforming it from something casual to something that you can wear on a night out. They are a bit tricky to clean because they have the suede effect which makes the material clings to mud rather well. So I'd probably advice that you don't go jumping up and down in muddy puddles (not that you would!). Other than that they are excellent value for money and if you order than online you don't even have to leave the comfort of your house to get them! It is amazing. 

#1- Black Suedette Pointed Pumbs-New Look 

8 May 2014

MET Gala 2014

Out of the all the people at the recent MET Gala only a few, in my opinion, stood out fashion wise:

1. Beauty Blake Lively stole the show for me with a stunning silk chiffon pale pink gown, custom-designed by Gucci. The mermaid-like dress was embroidered with rose gold paillettes, featured a plunging neckline. I particularly liked the excess material that flowed down her back and along the red carpet. Her curled blonde hair and natural make-up finished the look perfectly.  

2. The Amazing Spiderman actress Emma Stone did look amazing in this girly two-tone pink Thakoon dress, Miu Miu shoes and Tod‘s clutch. I love how she chose to flash bit of flesh with a leg split and gap around her stomach area, but wisely choosing not too show too much of it so it becomes unclassy. Emma did a really good job! 

3. Cara Delevingne is by far one my favourite models at the moment. She never fails to look stunning. And she did not disappoint, sporting this outfit designed by Stella McCartney at the gala. With a barley-there wrap around top and high waisted trousers, she looked even better than some of the others who had come in more traditional outfits. Its nice to see people pushing the boat out and demonstrating that you don't have to wear a puffy pink gown to look glamorous- sometimes a pair of pants works just as well!  

4. Michelle Williams wore a dress from the new Louis Vuitton collection. The design and colour of the dress suited her perfectly, showing off her skinny pins and complimenting her skin tone. Its so nice to see a true 'English Rose' person, like myself, avoiding the bothersome fake tan that can go so terribly wrong and just working with what they have (even if they never tan, just burn as I have unfortunately found out in the past ).   Besides I think Michelle looks absolutely wonderful and she should not feel pressured into changing her appearance just to fit in with the crowd. She is beautiful just the way she is as Bruno Mars would say, or possibly sing! 

Note: Sorry this was a bit late, busy revising all that horrible stuff that comes along with exams! Wish me luck....

5 May 2014

G is for Gingers

You may have recently seen my post about WIBAW's new look. There I promised that I would dedicate a whole post to Claire Smith, author of G is for Gingers, who kindly produced the banner you now see at the top of this site. She also produced her own banner, shown below:

Since I first began blogging in February, I have been following the G is for Gingers blog. I was originally drawn to a number of things including the professional design of the blog, the articles, Claire's passion, enthusiasm and photography skills. You really get a sense of her personality the moment you begin reading. And since we have been in almost daily contact recently (hope I wasn't too much of pain!) I can conclude that she is a very wonderful what-you-see-is-what-you-get girl with wheelbarrows upon wheelbarrows full to the brim with talent, intelligence and charisma! One of the nicest people on Blogger that I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I really enjoy the variety of things that Claire writes about. From fashion to recipes for cakes to her day to day life. It never just focuses on one thing so can relate to a much wider audience. In my opinion, the 'My Week in Pictures' segment is the best article that is on offer. Me, being my nosey self, loves nothing better than to learn about people's life and hear the interesting, somewhat funny, things that they get up to. And Claire's week is almost always is.

I am so glad that I found this blog. I hope that I will continue to be pulled into the wonderful, exciting  virtual world that Claire has created, that she keeps up the good work and that her followers will continue to expand from the current 103 to the highest number possible. G is for Gingers all the way!

Not yet convinced you to visit the blog? 
Read on and meet the blogger behind it all, Claire Smith:

1) Hi Claire, tell us 5 intresting facts about youself?
  • I really enjoy mountain biking and love the danger and speed of it!
  • I hate phone calls and will do anything I can to avoid them.
  • I spend a lot of time tidying my room and actually enjoy it! I find it really relaxing when its tidy like I've tidied my mind.
  • I have a really bad habit of taking photos of myself or videos on my phone if I'm bored so I freak out if anyone is looking through my phone
  • Rather than studying something fashion or media related at university I want to be a geologist- a fashionable one of course

2) What made you want to set up your own blog in the first place?
I started G is for Gingers on a bit of a whim one night. I knew it was something I wanted to get involved in but wasn't sure I had enough material but when I decided to go for it I found I had loads to say. I didn't even know what blogger was… I thought the site was probably called blogspot (you can see why).
3) Describe your blog in a sentence
I blog about what I wear, what I do and sometimes what I bake.

4) What three things you could you live without?
Ashamed to admit I couldn’t live without my macbook because I spend the majority of my day on it. My hair brush- I always think it calms me down and makes me feel better when I can brush all the tangles from my hair. The last one is a tough one! I should say my inhalers because without them my asthma would be out of control but I also love my duvet!! I can’t sleep without cuddling into it.

5) What other blog ,apart from mine of course (joking!), is your all time favourite?
Very funny! Olivia from ‘What Olivia Did’ has to be my favourite blogger- I just love everything she wears and could read her blog all day. It is one of the blogs I’ve been reading for the longest too.  

6) Lastly, thank you for creating my banner! How did you do it? 
I use photoshop to do all my graphics work for my blog but I am aware it is really expensive so you could always use pic monkey or similar online, if you wanted to create your own. Mostly I just went with Beth's ideas and designed it from there.  I’ve only ever designed my own’s blog banner but I really enjoyed designing one for Bethany. It isn’t something I would advertise about though because I think it would be quite time consuming. However if it is something readers would like to try, my advice is to not just sit at your computer and wait for ideas to come- leave it for a while and come back to it when you’ve thought of some good, solid ideas.

Convinced? I thought so! 

1 May 2014

WIBAW's New Look!

You may have noticed that recently my blog has undergone some minor beauty procedures. I have been working hard on WIBAW since February and I am really happy with how it is going so far- there is little chance I will be running off any time soon! 

The new banner you see at the top has been lovely designed by my fellow blogger Claire Smith, better known as author of G is For Gingers. I am really pleased with the overall outcome and it just makes the blog look a little more professional. Shortly, there will be another post about Claire and her wonderful blog as I am currently in the middle of writing it. 

Keep those eyes peeled! 

Thank you to all those who currently tune in to each new post and those who follow me and the blog. I really appreciate it!  

Just in case you wondering, you can find my contact details and Bloglovin' page on the tool bar below the new banner. I always like to hear from my readers. 

Lots of hugs and kisses,

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