11 May 2014


I am a MASSIVE Eurovision Song Contest fan! It is a pretty sad thing to admit, but its true. During the course of the show I scored each act out of 10 and my top three come out as follows:

  1. Denmark  

  1. Ukraine

  1. Romania 

Unfortunately I turned out wrong and neither of the three countries really came anywhere to be proud of. Ukraine reached number 6,  Denmark number 9 and poor Romania falling to number 12. And our even poorer United Kingdom contestant Molly failed to hit the mark with her self-written song Children Of The Universe. Good try though! Instead Austria's bearded-women-who-actually-turned-out-be-a-man-act was crowned the winner with her/his James Bond style song Rise Like A Phoenix. 

But to be honest the whole show is based on politics and the "that country didn't help us so we aren't going to vote for them" sort of vibe. Even if contestants had just stood on the stage and made faces at the audience until they were red as a tomato, the results would have been the same. We could have written the best song in the world but we would never have won. 

But still it is great fun to watch, I just can't help feeling sorry for next years entry. Good luck because your going to need it.

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