15 May 2014

Revision! Revision! Revision!

It feels like I have been away for ages, not a couple of days. I've got three of my GCSE coming up very soon- much sooner than I thought until I looked at my calendar and realised that the first was on MONDAY! So I have been a very good, busy bee. Revising and studying has basically become my life for the past few months. I have got so behind on my other school work, my inbox is exploding with e-mails and I have missed so many of my favourite blogs! I will catch up on them ASAP.

I find that, for me, the best way to revise is by using as many of my senses as I possibly can for say one  paragraph of information from a textbook. 
  • First I will read the paragraph over and over until I completely understand what it means, sometimes I will record myself saying it and listen back to it before I go to bed  two/three nights before an exam. 
  • Then I underline or highlight the 'keywords' in bright colours in the textbook, before reading them over a few times. 
  • I then cut pieces of paper into strips (as seen in the picture above) and write out the paragraph, changing some of the words to make it easier to remember. 
  • I turn the paper over and write a question or two that refer to the info in paragraph on the back, which I get a family member or friend to ask me a few days after I have written it to see if I can really remember the fact.
 I don't do this for every paragraph just the ones that I think are important or ones that contain the information I struggle to remember.

This methods allows me to use my sense of sight, hearing, speech and really does help me remember things because I haven't just sat and read a page in a book instead I have written it, listened to it and spoken it out loud. I once read that writing in blue on coloured paper helps memory, so I sometimes use that method too. But ultimately past-papers from previous exams are your best choice once you think you know all the facts. A lot of exam papers repeat some of the questions from previous years or follow that type of question structure so it is always helpful to attempt a few papers, even if you just look at the answers! 

Gosh, I don't know how I am going to cope next year with 20+ exams all on top of each other, when I'm freaking out about 3! People have done it before me so it must be achievable...I hope! 

Do you have exams coming up? How do you normally revise?


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