30 May 2014

On My Nails I Sally Hansen

I don't have much time but I didn't promise a review of my nail polish in my last This Week In Numbers (*here). So here's a quickie:

I brought this from Superdrug, but I actually found a better deal online. However, I don't mind having paid the extra price because I am officially in love with this polish!

I wore it out with my friends and was given a bunch of compliments from 'your nails are such a nice colour!' to 'can I feel them?' and 'they are so sparkly!'. All of which were completely true- I cannot deny that.

It is really unusual compared to your average nail polish because when you begin to put it on your nails it doesn't even look polish! It looks like little bits of glitter have stuck to your nails during a session of art and crafts. But once you begin to build up the coats you get this stunning turquoise colour that shimmers in the light. I particularly like the texture of my nails once they are painted as they feel really bumpy and almost sand paper-ish.
Hate having short nails, yet I still bite 'em
Wait...that probably wasn't a good description but believe me it feels and looks really good, once you get the hang of applying it. It lasts for a good week or so before it starts peeling off/cracking. However I did end up picking it off not long after that because that and biting my nails is one my of my biggest (and most annoying!) habits. No matter how much I resist the urge I always end up doing it, sometimes I don't even notice until it is too late!

Check out that Tweetie Pie top!

#1-Sally Hansen Gem Crush, 04 Bling Tastic- Chemist Direct


  1. That nail colour is absolutely gorgeous, and as a sucker for anything sparkly, I'm so in love that it has glitter! looks amazing :) x
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    1. You would love the polish then! Its so sparkly- its unbelievable
      Love Beth xx

  2. Looks beautiful and seems strong - lovely blue Bethany


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