1 May 2014

WIBAW's New Look!

You may have noticed that recently my blog has undergone some minor beauty procedures. I have been working hard on WIBAW since February and I am really happy with how it is going so far- there is little chance I will be running off any time soon! 

The new banner you see at the top has been lovely designed by my fellow blogger Claire Smith, better known as author of G is For Gingers. I am really pleased with the overall outcome and it just makes the blog look a little more professional. Shortly, there will be another post about Claire and her wonderful blog as I am currently in the middle of writing it. 

Keep those eyes peeled! 

Thank you to all those who currently tune in to each new post and those who follow me and the blog. I really appreciate it!  

Just in case you wondering, you can find my contact details and Bloglovin' page on the tool bar below the new banner. I always like to hear from my readers. 

Lots of hugs and kisses,

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