17 Jun 2014

Lecture Tuesday

 Today I attended a discussion/lecture, lead by one of the English Lang teachers. It was headed by the statement 'We all have the responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves', which seemed to me quite obviously correct. I had a few ideas on the topic so I went along for the heck of it.

After all the sleep-inducing defining and explaining section, the discussion was opened up to the audience. The main reason I am writing this is because frankly I was quiet shocked at some of the responses coming from these so-called intellectual students:

"Why should I care about them, when they don't care about me" 

"If they can get themselves into that situation then they can get themselves out"  and when questioned whether they would change their mind if they were the unfortunate person, the person replied "Yes I would, meaning that I would take hep from somebody but not meaning that I would would ever contribute to helping other" *gasp* 

And possibly the least intelligent of the bunch "I Dunno" (I am surprised they can even form a sentence to be honest with you!) 

One word: Selfish. That is clearly what these people are. 

In the 21st century nobody, regardless of how they ended up in their situation, deserves to suffer. Besides helping people does not necessarily mean you have to give them some form of a money donation. Helping some one could simply be talking to them and reminding them that they are actually human beings, despite how others treat them, saying good morning to an elderly lady as she hobbles down the street or holding a door open for a person carrying something in their arms. 
But still what does it matter about giving them money. If you are reading this it means you have internet, it means you have electricity, warmth, food, running water and clothes. No matter what we think, we do live an incredibly privileged life- a life so many people around the world don't have. Does that not make you feel that it is our responsibility to help them, simply because we can.

In the UK, our wealth does not just come from anywhere. Most of it we do work for but a large percentage of it originally came from the old British Empire. We actually have the nerve to go to these under developed countries and cut down all their trees (baring in mind this was probably their home, their shelter from the sun and the habitat of the animals they ate) not bothered by the fact these vulnerable people could die. All because they wanted to sell the wood for money that they didn't really need. Greed.

So that change in your pocket could literally or metaphorically (depending on how you want to look at it) be from those money-grabbing people who stole what was not rightfully theirs. Yet it is disgusting that views like this still exists in society today...but at least I know I am right and the money that I currently give to charity is not to fix my moral compass but to fill my heart with happiness. 

I just wonder if you are one of those people who enjoy cutting down the trees of others, burning them to the ground before their very eyes. Eyes of the unfortunate. 

NB: If you are, please stop reading and don't visit this blog again...JOKING! I'm open to all opinions, otherwise it wouldn't be a very good debate would it? Let me know what you think below: 

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