24 Jun 2014

My Unexpected Trip!

Firstly, I should probably say that I am sorry for missing some of my scheduled posts like This Week in Numbers, but I would be lying. Over this week (after spending much of it worrying that I would lose followers because I haven't posted much) I realised that I hate having this pressure of a schedule, hate that I feel like I have to post at least two things each week, if not more. I do see this a lot within the blogging community and it is something I really wanted to avoid, but unfortunately have not managed. From the start I wanted this experience to be as enjoyable and as natural as possible. Currently it is a little laboured and I want to change this. That is not to say however that I won't be posting frequently or will be ditching my TWIN series, but that I won't be forcing myself to.

I'm a free spirit now! Watch out Pocahontas


Now the reason for my absence is mainly due to the fact that my family and I spontaneously decided to go on a long weekend away to Norfolk, just North (and almost three hours) from my hometown. We travel up early Saturday morning and stopped off at a beautiful pub called The Bridge Inn for lunch. It was a pretty stunning place situated right near a river, making it very popular with people who own boats as they can moor up and pop in for some grub! 

As the weather was so glorious we were lucky enough to be able to sit in the beautiful garden facilities, watching the birds and ducks around us and have a game of pool under the shadow of the gazebo. Not forgetting the wonderful food- I had the char-grilled cheese and bacon burger with golden fries, served in a floured bap with a garnish of salad and cute little pot of salsa. Honestly the TASTIEST thing I have ever eaten (and yes I did get so caught up in the yummiest of it that I forgot to take a picture!). However I did remember to take a picture of my new found love....Apple and Raspberry J2O!  

We also hired out a little blue boat for 2 hours a la Herbert Woods which was amazingly simple to drive that even my 10 year old brother could do it. It was very beautiful and relaxing to just bob around in the water, take some pictures of the sights and lap up the sun's ray.

Then we finished off the day with one of the biggest ice creams I have EVER seen in my life! 

The next day we visited a family friend who my mum has known for over 30 years! We haven't seen her for a few years so it was nice to catch up, plus they have a new dog so I was straight over there to it (trust me!). In the afternoon they took us strawberry picking and to the beach, before cooking us a delicious help-your-self-all-you-can-eat-buffet. We stayed until 6:00pm and got home to Essex at 9:00pm- just in time for me to crash into bed. I didn't even bother taking my make-up off (not a good idea as my pillow was caked in mascara the next morning!). God knows how I managed to get up in the morning for classes.

Thanks for reading xx
What did you do last weekend?

Love, Beth 

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