1 Jun 2014

This Week in Numbers #3

Pinch Punch First Day Of The Month! Can you believe it's June already? No, neither can I, but I'm not complaining since that means that summer is on the way and that my birthday is in just under two months! 

I had a pretty lazy week since we had our spring half-term this week, which lucky for me meant that I don't have my science exams until the week after. So when I say I had a 'lazy week' I really mean that I was sitting in my room,, listening to music and attempting to get my brain to concentrate on immunisation, crude oil and generating electricity. It is about as fun as it sounds! 

However, earlier in the week it was my Grandad's birthday so I took a day off and went out to a restaurant with the family for a meal. It was a local restaurant near him called Willow Farm and although the Southern Fried Chicken Burger I ordered was a little dry, the MASSIVE Cookie Dough Sundae made up for it! I never been so full up in all my life, yet I still kept eating!  

Then on Friday evening, me and my mum went to see Maleficent at the cinema. It come out on Wednesday so we were lucky to get tickets really. It was basically a retelling of Disney's Sleeping Beauty but from the perspective of the 'evil' fairy Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) who puts a curse on the King's daughter (Elle Fanning) out of revenge. However it gives the back story of why Maleficent wanted revenge and has a very different ending to the original fairy tale.
The trailer was spectacular and probably the reason why I wanted to see the film in the first place. I wasn't sure if Sleeping Beauty needed another update but I was surprised how much I loved the film. Angelina was the perfect casting for Maleficent with her spot-on evil voice and simply to die for cheekbones- even her adorable five-year-old daughter  had been cast as young Princess Aurora because 'all the other kids would see' Jolie's stage make-up 'and cry'.

I took this picture (left) before we left for the cinema as I just wanted to show you what my new lipstick looks like. I got given a free sample of several No7 products and this was my favourite. It is from the Moisture Drench collection, SPF 15, Mulberry. I really love how it gives just enough colour to your lips without making them too bright and false-looking, plus it is a life saver for dry lips: 

Do my fingers look a little weird or is it just me?

Oh! The horror of pale skin
Somehow I also got around to making some scones for the classic British cream tea! They were so much easier to make than I expect and tasted so good with jam and cream. I used the Mary Berry recipe for fruit scones on a website I found (*you can do the same here). 

                                                           Hope you all had a good week,
Beth xx 

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