7 Jun 2014

This Week in Numbers #3

Hello my lovelies! 
At the start of the week I literally had nothing planned to do, so I was unsure whether this post would go ahead or not. Thankful though I got lucky! Read about my week below: 

I have seen so many girls walking around with these bands on their wrists and I wondered where they got them from as I REALLY wanted some. I mean how cool do they look? Funny story: I found out later in the week that they didn't actually get them from anywhere! They made them. And that just made me (blush!) and want some even more
Basically you can buy a pack of the so called 'Loom' bands (which are like mini elastic bands!) from just about anywhere. And you make them by looping each colour through each other so it forms the design below, some have been done with two colours and others with three: 

I just stretch the bands over my fingers but you can actually buy a kit that contains several packets of the 'Loom' bands as well as some kind of wire contraption that allows you loop the bands over more easily and make different styles of bracelets- not just like the ones I have done. But I'm happy with what I've got to be honest. Its just fun to do when your bored, even if don't actually wear the bands! 

I know I said 8 bands at the top and there is only 7 here but I couldn't find the other one at the time I was taking this snap!

Also this week I have FINALLY reached 330 followers on my Twitter account! I not sure why it took so long- I was hanging around in the 20s for ages. But I think since starting this blog some of my audience have gotten in touch on Twitter and kindly followed me, which it wonderful. I just hope it continues, as does my blogging audience. Thank you for all your support recently. 

At the start of the year I entered a short-story writing competition about wild animals on a bit of a whim, not really expecting anything to come out of it. For that reason I only spent a few hours writing it out. It wasn't even that good in my opinion- I have done better in the past. However I got an e-mail back in May saying that it was being considered as a winning entry. But still I didn't really think anything of it. So I was pretty shocked when I got an e-mail at the start of this week saying that the judges had chosen their winners from the category. This is what it said:

So although my last circle does say '1 Winner' and I only came as a runner-up, I still feel like a winner! I can't really believe it. And the fact that my story will actually be published in a book (Wild N Free Forever- out end of November) with royalties going to the amazing animal charity Born Free Foundation  is even better! I will let you know when it is out so you can buy it, if you wish.

You can view the last book Wild N Free Too here and the home page of Paws N Claws Publishing that specialises in publishing books with donations going to animal charities here

Thank you for visiting WIBAW today,
Love Bethany xx 


  1. Love those bracelets - going to look for you on Twitter

  2. Hey - great - missed that the first time around since loved the bracelets - great New years blog to get me back here.


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