15 Jun 2014

This Week in Numbers #4

NB: Just reached 1000 page views as of Sunday evening 15th June. Thank you all SO much xx

At the start of this week my Nan came round and did the only thing that grandparents do best. Spoil their grandchildren! Of the several things that she gave me I got a Starbar. Now please tell me that I am not the only one who has never heard of a Starbar before. Anyone? It has a milk chocolate coating with a sort of nutty caramel centre. And I can't actually believe I haven't tried it before, especially because it is made by Cadburys- arguably the best brand in the world! Come to think of it I don't even think I have seen it in the shops before but maybe that's just me being my non-observant self as always. I swear the grass could turn blue and the sky green and I wouldn't spot it until a week later "Hey....something's not quiet right here" 

Now, I don't like to brag but I FINISHED A BOOK IN 3 DAYS and it was a big book as well! I started reading Tisha by Anne Hobbs on Monday and finished it by Wednesday evening. As books go it wasn't  bad. It is a true story about a woman who ventures to the wilderness of Alaska in 1927 to teach in a small village called Chicken, how she falls in love with an Eskimo and proves that even woman can be brave and courageous (but you knew that anyway!). Its a really feel good book and the setting is so different from England that you literally do get transported to another place! 

And as you probably know the World Cup started on Thursday (roll on a month of torture!). As you should have guessed by now I'm not the sportiest of people to say the least. Well not sports were you get sweaty anyway which pretty much rules out most of them besides swimming and ice skating *thumbs up*. Despite my negativity towards football- filthy rich, sweaty men chasing a ball of air for a living-I still took part in the traditional Dale Family World Cup Sweepstake. The rules are very simple:

-Put £2 in the bowl if you want to take part               -Close your eyes                                                     -Pick out 8 pieces of folded paper with the team names written on (left)                                             -If one of those 8 teams win, you get all the money! 

Unfortunately for me the universe decided to punish me. So I picked 8 pretty...rubbish (nice enough universe?) teams as pictured below: 

 I don't think I will be winning the £10 this year.

Sorry universe xoxo 

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  1. Hhahaha I absolutely love the idea of a world cup game like that, how brilliant.
    x Justina // abentpieceofwire.com


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