8 Jul 2014

At The Movies I The Fault In Our Stars

In my last This Week in Numbers (I should probably start referring to as TWIN now) I promised I would write a review of The Fault In Our Stars film. So here goes:

I absolutely loved the book (*here) so I had pretty high standards for the film. And I am pleased to say that it did not disappoint! I absolutely loved the choice of actors/actresses for the main characters, particularly Hazel and Gus (despite it being strange that they only recently worked together on the set of Divergent as brother and sister, whereas here they are lover!). The directer has also included the majority of the scenes in the book- some might say he successfully sucked up to his fellow bookworms. However I couldn't help thinking that maybe Peter Van Houten should have been meaner and attempted to sport the hobo-tramp look a little better. But I'm just being picky! 

I can also confirm, as you might have heard flying around due to MASSIVE buzz surrounding this film, that you may well need a fistful of tissue (make that a whole box!). The rather happy, idyllic mood does change pretty quickly when you reach the mid-point of the film. Long gone is the soppy romance, charismatic Augustus and laugh-out-loud Isaac (my favourite bit is when they are throwing eggs at Monica's car!!). It all becomes very serious and emotional. If you don't cry then there is something wrong with you. 

However I found that it did focused on death too much, which I know sounds weird for a story based on cancer. It celebrates life, the sad parts are always lightened by comedy and don't happen until the very end. Whereas in the film, you will be sobbing almost the whole way through (about an hour in). And I think that ruin the whole idea that there is happiness to be found even in death that the author John Green wanted to show. But at least the script included most of the quotes that I had painstakingly learnt off by heart 'cus I'm cool like that! 

Overall I think, as with most films, the book was better but the film was a VERY close 2nd. If your wary of sentimental films, stay clear as this story will stay with you forever. I can definitely say that it has changed my whole outlook on life and shown just how precious it is. After all, YOLO (You Only Live Once)! 

 Have you read the book? Seen the film? 
Let me know what you think xx

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