7 Jul 2014

This Week in Numbers #6

You may remember me talking about the caterpillars I had acquired a few weeks ago, in my last               This Week in Numbers (*here). Well good news! On Thursday afternoon the first Painted Lady butterfly emerged from its chrysalis, shortly followed by the other 4 the next day. I went out that very day and collected some Buddleia, a beautiful purple flower commonly associated with butterflies. And I can see why! They just loved the stuff.

However on Saturday, I was observing them when I noticed a 6th butterfly (hence the reason why it says 6 and not 5 butterflies as I mentioned in the last TWIN). It was absolutely beautiful, a richer red than the other butterflies with four 'eyes' on the corners of each wing- known as a Peacock Butterfly, according to Google anyway! I have no idea how it got in the net but I suspect its chrysalis must have been hanging on the Buddleia flower when I brought it in and it hatched shortly after. Animals just love me that much! 

I released them into the wild on Sunday, and am happy to say that all 6 flew away safety  into the air. I also spotted one later on in the afternoon taking some nectar from the rose bush at the bottom of our garden. 
My brother just had to get in the picture! 

On Saturday, my good friend Bethan invited me to the cinema as it was her birthday the next day. And guess what I finally got to see? The Fault In Our Stars! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this to come onto our screens after reading the book some time ago (*here) and sharing my favourite quotes with you all (*here). Three packets of tissues later, I will hopefully be posting a review of it mid-week, so keep yours eyes open! 

Also in just 4 weeks (okay...3 weeks and 4 days) from today, it will be my birthday! I was planning to write my wishlist here but I think this post has gone on for too long. Therefore you will be seeing it popping up hopefully next week sometime. So keep your eyes open for that as well! 

Love Bethany xx

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