21 Jul 2014

This Week in Numbers #8

This post comes to you with a mixture of excitement and nerves. On Friday I packed up school for the 6 weeks hols (but in my case seven!)

 It was a relief to be able to get home and know that I can sit down and relax in the sunshine- in other words not be sweating it out at school in the stuffy rooms, surrounded by people I frankly can't stand. But it also means that when I get back in September I will be several month closer to completing my GCSE...that's scary! But for now I can celebrate the end of a hard academic year *cue High School Musical song breakout*:                                                                                                                                                                                           

So, to rest of the week: 

 - On Tuesday I invited on a Rewards Trip ('cos I'm just that good!) to Hazle Ceramics & Pottery Barn in Barleylands, Billericay. My friend Meriel and I went to a cute little tea room, got a cuppa tea (two sugars if you please!) and a glorious ham baguette all for under £3. Then at 1pm we went to the Barn and got the choice of either a china plate, bowl or mug to paint. As a border-line obsessive tea drinker-have you noticed that yet?- I just had to paint a mug. And I do have to say that I pretty pleased with the outcome (below right)

- Wednesday was another exciting day with the annual  Year 10 Practice Interview Day, where students have to dress up in posh frocks and ties for a day of looking to the future and thinking about our career path. Plus the dreaded 30 minute interview with a stranger! I had a bit of a dilemma with my dress for the day as I couldn't decided between two dresses but I'll do a post later on in the week about that.                                I was very surprised to find that my interview (the whole day in fact) was wonderful and a complete success. My interviewer Mr Pits made me feel so comfortable, after initially being rather nervous, and it was like I was talking to an old friend that I hadn't seen in a while. He commented on how intellectually mature and lovely to talk too I was. Also that my interview was per-fect and that I had a great personality. Which for somebody who thinks she is about as interesting as a plank of wood is so nice to hear! Mr Pits if your reading this I think your amazing and that's not just because you love English as much as me! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day (thanks to Bethan for finally putting them up on Facebook!)
(Left to right) Me, Jane, Meriel and Bethan
(Top Back L-R) Marcus, Adem, Tim, Tiegan, Kian Fraser
(Top Front L-R) Ross, Jane, Me, Tony, Ella, Meriel
(Bottom) Ethan 
(L-R) Meriel, Chelsea, Bethan, Me, Jane, Ross

- Also I have had a pretty Simple Sunday (Ooh, Jess would be proud!) spending my time glued to the TV screen due to my obsession with Netflix. But seriously who isn't obsessed with that beauty?

- And in between those film sessions I managed to help my wonderful mum out with the housework and all I got to show for it was a burnt hand from that evil iron and a headache from the vacuum. Why does it have to be so difficult to be helpful?  

How was your week my lovelies? What are you up to next week?  

Love Beth x

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