28 Jul 2014

This Week in Numbers #9

- I can officially call myself a Camping Gal after three days of long, hard camping! No I'm joking, it was one of most enjoyable experiences of my life. Enjoying the summer sunshine under the shade of the gazebo, reading magazines,enjoying a good old brew, dunking biscuits, toasting marshmallows in the glow of a fire, walking along the sandy beach hunting for crabs in the rock pools and having a round of golf with my family in the burning heat (I came last but who cares!). It was a really good weekend actually- minus the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and constant moans of "I'm bored" coming from the broken record that is my ten year old brother!

(L-R) Brother, Mum and Me 
Rather proud of this picture! 
- And we put the tent up in record time: 40 minutes and counting! That deserves a Commonwealth Games medal me thinks. Why is tent-putting-uppy not classed as a sport anyway?

-Speaking of the games, even though I am not a very sporty person (although sometimes I wish I was!) I really enjoyed watching some of sport especially swimming and gymnastics. I NEED TO LEARN TO DO A BACK FLIP! 

-Also while I was away camping I managed to finish my Divergent book, but having seen the film before hand, I can't help thinking that it was better than the book (unusual right?). I just think the film had more tension because of the extra scenes that the director had evidently added  towards the end. Still I enjoyed reading it, as I hope I will with the 2nd and 3rd book in the series that I want to get on my new Kindle.

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Love Beth x


  1. Great job on the tent - not a sport???? and me and golf - forget it! Great photo - you should be proud. Have to check into that book - new Kindle - cool -

  2. I'm thinking of starting to read Divergent this week. Great post!


    1. Thanks for the comment! *smiley face* You should definelty get reading it- it's brilliant xx


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