24 Jul 2014

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Afternoon! xx

I have always admired people who have a strong passion for writing and the English language as a whole. People such as Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Bronte, Rowling, Cox and several other freelance writers that I just adore. I love their ability to manipulate words, mixing them together to form such stunning sentences and phrases. Its probably one of the reasons I love blogging so much. That and the friends I have made along the way such as Val from Vallee's Blog. We actually became friendly on another website and it wasn't until a  while back that I realized we both had blogs of our own!

Recently Val, ever the inspiring poet, posted a beautiful poem on her blog called The White Morning Dove. I just loved it. It was so true and honest that it brought tears to my eyes- not that I'm trying to depress you or anything. So with her permission here it is:

What is this sadness I currently feel?
Is it the wars or am I in fear?
Could it be the hunger and strife
Which so many today have begun to call life?
I walk through the grass as I hear the birds call,
clouds overhead, the rain begging to fall.
Oh how serene the day has begun;
close my eyes to imagine the fun.
But behind these eyes of baby blue,
I no longer see peace that comes with morning dew.
Instead I travel to lands near and far
only to find my soul shaken and ajar.
It seems that man has encompassed the hate
rather than  what the Creator wished to be our fate.
We have the free will to choose good or bad;
so why choose the evil?  My feelings are mad!
My heart cries for the children who live without "home";
no longer cries of joy, one hears only the moan.
The battles of war fought under the sun
are beginning to promise that our world is done.
I came here to cherish, bring faith, hope and love.
I circle the Earth as a white morning dove.
But now all I feel is sadness and gloom;
I am so afraid this is our doom.
So what is this sadness I currently feel?
It is the cries for hope and the love to heal.

I hope that one day I will be able to write like this, having always struggled to do so. It takes a lot of time, effort and ultimately talent. However if you wish to give this a try, this is what Val told me earlier today: 

"Poetry to me is an art form; a way for me to express myself as a painter does with canvas or a writer does with a novel. On the morning I wrote this poem, I literally was walking and this sadness came over me. So I sat in the grass, thought and listened until the answer came.  Without pen and paper at the time, I remembered the first line I wanted to write and repeated it over and over in my head until I got inside and sat down. I hadn't known the ending but started to write anyway" 

Val then went on to explain the day old struggle of rhyming poems that I could never get to grips with:  "Sometimes I rhyme in my poetry and sometimes I don't; depends on my mood I suppose. My words are thoughts that have been circling my head for a while now but never had been enticed to write them down before.  I do have to stop and think of rhyming words, but those words helped me to decide on the phrase to include in the poem.  I have taken one or two poetry courses, but ultimately it comes down to how I believe the poem flows.  I reread it several times before I decide on the final selection.  I find it always good to step away from it awhile and then come back and reread with a fresh perspective" 

Many of you may be aware of some of the awful tragedies that people all around the world face on a daily basis and it was because of that that I loved this poem so much. It does not sugar-coat the world but shares Val's honest opinions: "At this point in history, I do believe that man has chosen an evil path in life: hatred over love; war over peace.  It seems he has become immune to the pain and suffering; that he has forgotten the truth of why we are here"

And lastly Val shares her writing tips: "First and foremost - do what is in your heart for if you are not true to yourself, no one else will be. And then read all different poems, different authors and see what feels the most comfortable to you. Then write. A course here or there always helps but it is not necessary.  I have written thousands of poems in my life, some I like and others I don't. Enjoy what you do and the rest will follow

Maybe in the near future I will give it a try and post my results here, and maybe you want to try a little poetry yourself as well. You won't know what your capable of until you try. 

Please visit Val's blog to find more amazing poems, photography and why not visit her etsy shop while you are at it.  

Speak to you all soon,
Love Beth x


  1. You are definitely a writer girl and have a way with words - you put that all together so beautifully. I doubt I could have written it the way you put your words and mine together - awesome. Just write from your heart and the rest will come. And thanks for the etsy promote - unsure how you put a link like that in there - but much appreciated

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