25 Aug 2014

Top 10 Best & Worst Parts of A Holiday

Adverts on TV always portray family holidays as a relaxing break on an exotic destination-cue the sun-kissed skin and skimpy swimsuits! But is that really what it's like? Aren't they forgetting about the nightmare of packing, the food poisoning or the hotel not looking quite how it appeared in the picture online? Here is what I've learnt from some of my experiences, the good and the bad in no particular order:

1. Packing. Let's just this headache out the way! I have yet to meet anyone who does not agree with me when I say that packing is absolutely the worse part of a holiday. I just hate it! The the pain of trying to fit everything into a miniature suitcase and working out what outfits to take for what days, occasions, weather...grr.

2. Spending time with the family. They are so important but I don't think that you ever really appreciate the time you spend with your family until you get back from holiday and you think 'Aw that was nice wasn't it?' and 'We should do that more oftern'.

3. The weather. The pest that can either make or break a holiday! Rain is never good but then again too much sun is enough to blister any skin type- not just mine.

4. Arguments/Disagrements. I read somewhere that couples are more likely to split up on holiday than any other occasion! That's pretty shocking but I can see where they are coming from. My family always find something to argue or disagree about especially on holiday. Never do we 'laugh about it afterwards' but we still love each other...maybe...

5. Language barrier. If your holidaying in this country than it's just the accent you have to tackle but it's a whole different story when you fly abroad somewhere! It's a nightmare but as long as you're patient you should be fine- most people speak a little English anyway.

6. New experiences. Sometimes on holiday you can feel a little more positive and ambitious about trying new things. That could be a taking part in a new activity, sampling a new food or going somewhere you haven't been before. Ooh it's all very exciting!

7. The beds. There really is nothing like your own bed and its even hard to get over that fact when your in a hotel attempting to sleep on a hard mattress that irritates your skin, squeaks when you breathe and pokes you in the ribs every minitue with it's broken springs!

8. Time away. Yes holidays can be stressful and chaotic, but it can still be relaxing and enjoyable. I heared that going away is one of the best things you can do to clear your mid and forget about everything for a while.

9. Getting lost. Nuff said.

10. Coming home again. A bitter sweet moment indeed. You want to get home to your nice comfy house, but you're having so much fun here that the thought of going back to that boring old life again repulses you. But what can you do when you've only booked the cottage for a week and the new people are already arriving? You just have to drag yourself away saing "We'll definelty come back next year!"

What would you add to the list?
Love Beth xx

23 Aug 2014

Holiday Diary 2014

Well I'm back! It seems like I have been gone ages- not a week. But those long 7 days have given me my inspiration for future blog posts and the idea of where WIBAW is heading. Please tell me I'm not the only one who writes her posts in her head at night? 
Below is my holiday diary from Devon, also known as my excuse of disappearing for so long last week:  

Friday 15th August: 
Today is technically the start of my holiday even if 5 hours of it was spent in a car! We couldn't get into our cottage until 3pm so decided to take a walk around Tieghmouth as it was near to where we were staying. We walked past a cute little cafe called The Oystercatcher's so sat in there and had some lunch after waiting 50 minutes for a FREAKING ham baguette due to our order being lost! The afternoon was spent exploring our beautiful cottage location in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by free-range chickens, horses and cows. 

Saturday 16th August:
We realized a little bit too late last night that we didn't have anything to eat for breakfast tomorrow. So we had to get up and find our way to the nearest supermarket. Sounds simple right? It would be if you didn't have a broken Satnav that decided to take you round all these little country roads just big enough for one car. God forbid you met another car coming the other way! But my trusty phone came in handy, helping us to navigate through 'the maze' as we called it. We decided to spend the rest of the day up in the Dartmoor, home to the famous Dartmoor ponies. We walked around the hillside before coming to a giant rock called Haytor's Rock which we climbed. Although me being the wimp I am only got half way up before I had to come down again! 

 Sunday 17th August:
 An early start today due to my brother wanting to go to Paignton Zoo. I was a bit disappointed about it really when people have told me that it was 'one of the the best zoos in the country' but then again I'm bit funny when it comes to zoos since it is kind of classed as a prison for innocent animals who should really be roaming their natural landscape rather than behind bars just for the entertainment of people.The lake of space and enrichment for the animals kind of disturbed me.

Monday 18th August:
A nicer day today at a pretty little place called Becky Falls hailed as 'the most beautiful place to visit in Devon' and it really was! With miles of stunning woodland walks and nature trails to explore as well the places name sake the amazing waterfall deep in the heart of the forest. It was surrounded by trees and massive moss-covered boulders which were great for clambering over to reach the peek of the fall and look down into the steam of bubbling water below.

 Tuesday 19th August:
While eating in the Becky Falls cafe we thought it would be nice to book up to go kayaking the next day. So a few hours later the next day, there we were bobbing around in the water and enjoying the view. Although silly old me forgot to take the camera! It was a great way to pass the time but I did get a very soggy bottom (Mary Berry eat your heart out!). After going back to the cottage to change, we noticed that there was little pub in walking distance of us so in the evening we dinned at The Monks Retreat Inn, gorging on burgers, chips and an apple pie for dessert!

Wednesday 20th August:
A friend of my mum's recommend the Dartmouth Stream Railway and River Boat famous, award winning Round Robin trip as it is best way to explore South Devon. We got to visit the towns of Paignton, Dartmouth and Totnes while traveling around the coast line on a steam train, river boat, ferry and bus. I even spotted a seal! A tiring day but well worth the money, although don't bother with Paignton as its pretty commercialized and dirty.

Thursday 21st August:
OUR LAST DAY! We thought we would spend this precious time at Brixham harbor and after getting a little lost we found a cute little jetty to sit on by the sea and do some crabbing while my dad fished. However we both had absolutely no luck what so ever so resulted to sunbathing on a picnic blanket! We later decided to go back to Stoke Gabriel (the place we went kayaking) and had a slice of cake in the tearooms before catching 8 crabs. Finally!

Friday 22nd August:
Time to say goodbye to Devon today as we packed up and left our little cottage and the friendly farm cat Marsie that seemed to take a liking to us. We past Dawlish on the way home and popped into The Mount Pleasant Inn for a bite to eat. Over 5 hours later and a bit of traffic we were back home in Essex. 

Thanks for reading my rather long diary,
Love Beth xx

15 Aug 2014

This Week in Numbers #12

Hiya xx
I know this post is a little early considering it is only Thursday, but I have a valid reason! Today I am going away on my family hols to Devon so I won't be here to post this as normal on Sunday. And by the way, I did not plan this (would be clever if I had) but this week it seems to be an introduction to the Fabulous Four gang! Come in and meet them...

-On Tuesday, having not seem my girls for over 3 week, I arranged a late birthday do. We meet at my local Empire Cinema and joined the crowd of 7-year olds who had come to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. Aren't we just so cool? But I'm not going to lie to you- I kind of enjoyed it! Possibly even better than the first one. 

-We then walked to Pizza Express (with me attempting to hold my dress down in the wind as I threatened to flash the people walking behind us) and enjoyed a very nice meal. We even met another girl that we knew from Class whose first sentence when she saw us in the restaurant was "HEY! I've been sitting over there watching you all this time!"

-One of them, Jane, stayed over mine for the night and we opened the presents I got in the car drive home. Theses included a beautiful bracelet and necklace set from M&S's The Pearl Collection, a handmade card with the message "Birthday Wishes and Butterfly Kisses" and a sweet ginger cat ornament from Elgate:  

-On Thursday I was madly packing my suitcase for the holiday and trying to dry my favorite top that Mum forgot to put on the washing line with a hairdryer! And I thought holidays were meant to be relaxing.

Don't miss me too much while I'm away,
Love Beth xx

10 Aug 2014

This Week in Numbers #11

-On Monday it was 100 years exactly since the day that World War I was declared. A lot of soldiers joined the army unaware of the horror that they would face in the trenches, many of them only teenagers. It was one of the biggest wars that the world had seen and the volume of the devastation and damaged left after the four years was unimaginable. I lit a candle in the evening on the windowsill and left it burning all night as sign of my gratitude to the men who lost their lives fighting for their country. 

-I also sat down and watched War Horse. It is a beautiful films about "the friendship between a horse and a boy called Albert. When they are forced to part, the film follows the journey of the horse as he moves through the war, changing and inspiring the lives of all those he meets-British cavalry, German soldiers, and a French farmer and his granddaughter-before the story reaches its emotional climax in the heart of No Man's Land" (Source

-My Nan and Grandad came round on Thursday and took me to Southend-On-Sea as the weather was really HOT! They treated me to a meal and an ice cream before we found a spot on the beach and sunbathed. Sunbathing in England? Who would believe it! 

-Then the next day my parents FINALLY took me to The Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter! And it was amazing! I got to see many of the famous sets they used for the films including The Great Hall, Dumbledore's Office, Hagrid's Hut and Diagon Ally as well as many props like the Philosophers Stone and all the horcruxs. You could even fly on a broomstick if you want! The staff were wonderful as well- true Potterheads. The only down side was the fact that you would need to win the lottery the buy anything in the gift shop! 

Here are a few pictures but I took so many (over 250!) that I am thinking of doing a photo album type post later in the week:

-Then to round off the week three of my old DS games that I put up on Ebay sold and have gone to nice new homes rather than sitting in a dusty wardrobe all day long! 

What will next week bring, I wonder?
Love Beth xx

3 Aug 2014

This Week In Numbers #10

Wow! I can't believe this is the 10th TWIN post and what better way to mark it than with a summary of my birthday week!

-The start of this week was pretty much spent glued to the TV screen as Team England won medal after medal in the Commonwealth Games. Currently we are top of the Medal Table so fingers crossed we stay there! It really does make you proud to be British- even when Scotland, Wales or Ireland win an event I still find myself cheering! 

-On Thursday it was my birthday so my grandparents came round. We spent much of the day sitting in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and listening to them recount their memories of the day I was born (which they do every year!) with the occasional moan of "Gosh! I feel old now". In the evening all 7 of us went out to Nandos for a gorgeous meal to wrap up a gorgeous day.

-It makes you feel so feel so privileged when you get most of the things on your wishlist and even more! This includes an Iphone 4S, some books, Barry M nail polishes (naturally a post will be on its way soon!), a Born Free Foundation animal adoption, a Kindle, chocolate, a beautiful dragonfly necklace from George and some money because really who can go wrong sending a bit of cash in a card! 

-Then on Friday we arranged to meet up with one of my mum's old friends Nikki, whose daughter is my brother's age, as she has just had a baby boy conveniently name after our cat Toby (although I don't think they realized that at the time!). At 8-weeks old he was so adorable, dressed in a little stripey babygrow with barely any hair of his head besides a bit of peach fuzz. You can probably guess my delight when Nikki asked if I would like to hold him! And I'm not going to pretend that it didn't make me broody. 

-Sunday was probably the most relaxing day of the week, spent watching more Commonwealth Games (!) and eating my way through two tubs of Ben & Terry ice cream! 

Thanks for all your birthday wishes and remember if you regularly visit my blog or have just by some miracle fallen upon this site, I would really appreciate it if you followed me on Bloglovin'  or click on the Google Friend Connect button on the right. Why don't leave a comment as well- its not too late to wish me a happy birthday you know!

Love Beth x

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