3 Aug 2014

This Week In Numbers #10

Wow! I can't believe this is the 10th TWIN post and what better way to mark it than with a summary of my birthday week!

-The start of this week was pretty much spent glued to the TV screen as Team England won medal after medal in the Commonwealth Games. Currently we are top of the Medal Table so fingers crossed we stay there! It really does make you proud to be British- even when Scotland, Wales or Ireland win an event I still find myself cheering! 

-On Thursday it was my birthday so my grandparents came round. We spent much of the day sitting in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and listening to them recount their memories of the day I was born (which they do every year!) with the occasional moan of "Gosh! I feel old now". In the evening all 7 of us went out to Nandos for a gorgeous meal to wrap up a gorgeous day.

-It makes you feel so feel so privileged when you get most of the things on your wishlist and even more! This includes an Iphone 4S, some books, Barry M nail polishes (naturally a post will be on its way soon!), a Born Free Foundation animal adoption, a Kindle, chocolate, a beautiful dragonfly necklace from George and some money because really who can go wrong sending a bit of cash in a card! 

-Then on Friday we arranged to meet up with one of my mum's old friends Nikki, whose daughter is my brother's age, as she has just had a baby boy conveniently name after our cat Toby (although I don't think they realized that at the time!). At 8-weeks old he was so adorable, dressed in a little stripey babygrow with barely any hair of his head besides a bit of peach fuzz. You can probably guess my delight when Nikki asked if I would like to hold him! And I'm not going to pretend that it didn't make me broody. 

-Sunday was probably the most relaxing day of the week, spent watching more Commonwealth Games (!) and eating my way through two tubs of Ben & Terry ice cream! 

Thanks for all your birthday wishes and remember if you regularly visit my blog or have just by some miracle fallen upon this site, I would really appreciate it if you followed me on Bloglovin'  or click on the Google Friend Connect button on the right. Why don't leave a comment as well- its not too late to wish me a happy birthday you know!

Love Beth x

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