15 Aug 2014

This Week in Numbers #12

Hiya xx
I know this post is a little early considering it is only Thursday, but I have a valid reason! Today I am going away on my family hols to Devon so I won't be here to post this as normal on Sunday. And by the way, I did not plan this (would be clever if I had) but this week it seems to be an introduction to the Fabulous Four gang! Come in and meet them...

-On Tuesday, having not seem my girls for over 3 week, I arranged a late birthday do. We meet at my local Empire Cinema and joined the crowd of 7-year olds who had come to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. Aren't we just so cool? But I'm not going to lie to you- I kind of enjoyed it! Possibly even better than the first one. 

-We then walked to Pizza Express (with me attempting to hold my dress down in the wind as I threatened to flash the people walking behind us) and enjoyed a very nice meal. We even met another girl that we knew from Class whose first sentence when she saw us in the restaurant was "HEY! I've been sitting over there watching you all this time!"

-One of them, Jane, stayed over mine for the night and we opened the presents I got in the car drive home. Theses included a beautiful bracelet and necklace set from M&S's The Pearl Collection, a handmade card with the message "Birthday Wishes and Butterfly Kisses" and a sweet ginger cat ornament from Elgate:  

-On Thursday I was madly packing my suitcase for the holiday and trying to dry my favorite top that Mum forgot to put on the washing line with a hairdryer! And I thought holidays were meant to be relaxing.

Don't miss me too much while I'm away,
Love Beth xx

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