25 Aug 2014

Top 10 Best & Worst Parts of A Holiday

Adverts on TV always portray family holidays as a relaxing break on an exotic destination-cue the sun-kissed skin and skimpy swimsuits! But is that really what it's like? Aren't they forgetting about the nightmare of packing, the food poisoning or the hotel not looking quite how it appeared in the picture online? Here is what I've learnt from some of my experiences, the good and the bad in no particular order:

1. Packing. Let's just this headache out the way! I have yet to meet anyone who does not agree with me when I say that packing is absolutely the worse part of a holiday. I just hate it! The the pain of trying to fit everything into a miniature suitcase and working out what outfits to take for what days, occasions, weather...grr.

2. Spending time with the family. They are so important but I don't think that you ever really appreciate the time you spend with your family until you get back from holiday and you think 'Aw that was nice wasn't it?' and 'We should do that more oftern'.

3. The weather. The pest that can either make or break a holiday! Rain is never good but then again too much sun is enough to blister any skin type- not just mine.

4. Arguments/Disagrements. I read somewhere that couples are more likely to split up on holiday than any other occasion! That's pretty shocking but I can see where they are coming from. My family always find something to argue or disagree about especially on holiday. Never do we 'laugh about it afterwards' but we still love each other...maybe...

5. Language barrier. If your holidaying in this country than it's just the accent you have to tackle but it's a whole different story when you fly abroad somewhere! It's a nightmare but as long as you're patient you should be fine- most people speak a little English anyway.

6. New experiences. Sometimes on holiday you can feel a little more positive and ambitious about trying new things. That could be a taking part in a new activity, sampling a new food or going somewhere you haven't been before. Ooh it's all very exciting!

7. The beds. There really is nothing like your own bed and its even hard to get over that fact when your in a hotel attempting to sleep on a hard mattress that irritates your skin, squeaks when you breathe and pokes you in the ribs every minitue with it's broken springs!

8. Time away. Yes holidays can be stressful and chaotic, but it can still be relaxing and enjoyable. I heared that going away is one of the best things you can do to clear your mid and forget about everything for a while.

9. Getting lost. Nuff said.

10. Coming home again. A bitter sweet moment indeed. You want to get home to your nice comfy house, but you're having so much fun here that the thought of going back to that boring old life again repulses you. But what can you do when you've only booked the cottage for a week and the new people are already arriving? You just have to drag yourself away saing "We'll definelty come back next year!"

What would you add to the list?
Love Beth xx

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