29 Aug 2014

Top 10 Health & Beauty Tips

Hello Girls,
A little beauty post for you all and although I don't consider myself as a beauty expert, I still have a few tips I have picked up over the years from the internet and friends alike. Read on to find out more: 

1. After moisturizer, use the leftover product on your hands to tackle frizz by running your fingers through your hair. I can't remember a time when I wasn't using Olay Beauty Fluid each morning.
2. Products containing tea tree oil or peppermint not only smell great but are also great for spot prone skin.
3. When applying eye shadow put tissue paper under your eyes to collect any fallen dust, preventing it from ruining your foundation.
4. For best results apply concealer in an upside down triangle shape under your eyes to really camouflage dark circles and highlight your cheek bones at the same time!

 Rimmel London Match Perfection in ivory: a concealer and highlighter all in ONE!
5. Lipstick too bright? Kiss a folded piece of tissue paper until you get your required colour.
6. To best prep your nails before painting wipe over with nail vanish remover, file into shape and use a buffing block to smooth them out. A base coat is also a good idea. 
7. A little tip from the internet: You should spray perfume wherever you feel a pulse on your body, so not only on your wrists and neck but behind your ears, knees and on your chest as well. 
My favorite perfume: Paris Hilton EDP Spray 50ml

8. Thick, knotty hair? Treat yourself to a Tangle Teezer to gently and painlessly untangle that bird's nest. 
9. Each morning squeeze a few drops of lemon juice (either from a bottle or fresh lemon) into a cup of water and drink it in one go. Taste horrible but does wonders for your skin and instantly wakes you up too!
10. And finally the last one is from my mum: If you feel a bit down and tired, have a bath and remember to wash your feet! Sounds strange but it will make you feel and smell a whole lot better. 

Any tips of your own to add?
Love Beth xx

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