27 Sep 2014

6 Things That Made Me Smile...About Autumn

I'm a summer baby but strangely enough I'm not a big fan of the sun- you're welcome pale skin! I would might rather be freezing cold than boiling hot. The reason: sweat freaks me out. It's absolutely disgusting and so natural that's it has become unnatural...if that's makes sense. So maybe that's one of the reasons why I love autumn so much. Mild temperatures. The other reasons you will find below:

The first sign of autumn in my garden...Toby was just curious!
1. The transition from fresh fruit and veg to slow cooked, gravy covered casseroles and stews is a good one. There is nothing better than eating a hearty warm meal at the end of a chilly day at work. Don't forgot the bowls of steaming hot soup for lunch either. 

2. I have never been able to rock that cool shorts and vest-top look in summer thanks to my terribly unattractive skin, but thankfully autumn brings with it cozy jumpers, woolly tights and scarfs. Now that is something I can rock! 

3. This time of year, for me, is the best time to take photos. The lighting is just right and the beauty of the leaves changing colour produces some absolutely breath-taking images. Forget green grass and butterflies, this season is all about mounds of fallen golden leaves and long walks through the woods. 

4. Next month comes the invasion of children dressed as fairies and vampires, bright orange pumpkins grown all year long just for Halloween and sticky toffee apples for tea. Who says it's just a holiday for kids? 

5. Mild November nights mean bonfires and firework displays in the garden, writing your name in the air with sparklers and the sweet smell of smokey fog that lingers for weeks on end. 

6. And lastly who doesn't love curling up on the sofa in their pajamas to watch a good old film with their family and friends? Movie Night doesn't get much better than that. 

What do you like about autumn?
Love Beth xx

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