25 Sep 2014

On My Nails I Zebra Print

As a big animal lover myself I have always wanted to try to do an animal print design on my nails, but just never got around to doing it. Until now! This really simple tutorial should hopefully help those of you who have had the same thought as me but never had the confidence or time to try. 

I got this white Barry M nail polishes for my birthday as well as the amazing Nail Art Pen which is basically like writing with an actual pen! (You can always use a paintbrush or thin nail polish brush for the strips if you don't have the pen)

The achieve the zebra print look above just follow these simple instructions: 

1. Remove old vanish and file the nails into shape
2. Paint the nails white- three thin layers is enough
3. Paint with a clear nail vanish and allow to completely dry
4. Using black, start to do the stripes of the zebra. Imagine that your nails have a line drawn down the middle and that you must change sides each time you do a new stripe. Start at the bottom on the left hand side, then switch to the right always directing the tip to the opposite side. 
5. Let them dry 
6. Seal with clear polish to protect the design. And there you have it! Zebra Print Nails In 6 Easy Steps!

            Black Nail Art Pen 

Let me know if you have a try,
Beth xx

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