3 Sep 2014

On My Nails I Barry M

I got both these nail polish for my birthday but have been reluctant to try them out since my lovely long nails decided to snap on me! And no one likes short stubby nails. I was going to let them grow out a bit but I just couldn't resist- typical me.

So here modeled on my own little nails is two wonderful Barry M products. I just adore Barry M as they are a brilliant value for money and work like a charm! They have this super glossy sheen to them and didn't even need a second coat. AMAZING!

To do the dots I used a size 2 paintbrush that I brought a while back from the model figure section in   Hobby craft (aka my guilty pleasure shop!)

Barry M Nail Polish Paint- Bright Red 10ml
                                              - Matt White 10m
                                                                                                     Humbrol- Evoco Brush Pack

So simple but effective,
Love Beth xx

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  1. lovely nails, love the colours :) haha I'm hopeless at drawing dots esp in a straight line - great job beth! x
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