23 Sep 2014

The Blog Awards Ireland 2014: Just Call Me Judy

Recently I was given the privilege of judging the Parenting category in The Blog Awards Ireland 2014! It isn't normally a genre that you would find on my reading list, so I was rather excited to immerse myself in a whole new world and discover blogs which have now become firm favorites of mine.

Each of the 17 blogs were judged fairly on factors such as how:
-Engaging, entertaining and/or informative the content was
-Easy it was to navigate 
-Good the design and layout was
-Correct the spelling and grammar was

 I know that most of you won't read parenting blogs but not all of the contents on the blogs are focused on children, most of it is just about life. So please take some time to just scroll through the blogs below, who have not only been nominated for this award but have ticked most, if not all of those factors listed above. I think they deserve it:

Bumbles Of Rice: I really enjoy reading this blog, especially the food recipes. Yes it is mainly focused on children but why not open your mind and try something new for a change. You might surprise yourself. And if you want something new to read, I definitely recommend reading this one first. Fab job Sinead!

Four Walls, Rainy Days: This 22 year old mother is rather smart, in my opinion. Her decision  to create this blog while she was pregnant simply as a way to "vent out whatever was on my mind" has resulted in a entertaining, informative blog with a beautiful layout to match. Top points.

 Office Mum: I bow down to Andrea. She ,like so many other mum's out there, suffers terrible guilt when she has to go to work and leave her three children at home. But instead of mopping around she has made this blog to offer help to others and show that you can find a healthy balance between work life, social life and family life if you just try hard enough.

Little Messers' House: This blog is written by a Finnish-born-Dublin-living woman called Mirva. She writes about life with two young children with such flare and you can bet that she will more often than not post something that will make you laugh out loud. But not only that, the blog also contains posts on general fitness, travelling and reviews on all things from hairbrushes to skin products and trips out. A right good read.

  I hope next year to be a judge also- it was just SO much fun. 

Let me know what you think of the blogs,
Love Beth xx

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  1. How fantastic you judged in The Blog Awards Ireland 2014, such a fab thing to do! Will deffo be sure to check these blogs out xo

    Sophie | soinspo <3


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