14 Sep 2014

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Recently I have been getting bored of my TWIN segment and kept finding that I was struggling to find something interesting to write about. It really didn't serve much purpose so I wanted to create a new segment that will actually mean something. And volia, 'Things That Made Me Smile This Week' was born. A weekly post where I can share all the good stuff about my week, no matter how small or pointless. If they made me smile you'll find them here! 

Although this was the first week back at school and the holidays seemed like they never happened, I still have some things to smile about:

1. Those giant hug my friends gave me on Monday- its nice to feel wanted sometimes.

2. Actually enjoying working through a maths questions and getting the answer right at the end. There is something really relaxing about working in a logical and organised order.

3. Using new stationary for the first time and thinking 'Ah I'm so cool'

4. Lemon curd on toast for breakfast

5. Spending some of the boot sale money Mum and I earned last Sunday on a reclining garden chair and sitting there most afternoons reading.

6. Homemade strawberry milkshake with REAL strawberries.
What's made your smile this week?
Love Beth xx

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