1 Sep 2014

This Week in Numbers #13

-On Tuesday I spent alot of my time doing pretty much nothing, but then sometimes I think the nothing days are the very best days. Then my dad decided to ruin it all by bring home a fish he had caught while on his annual fishing trip. Let's just say seeing him gut that poor little thing was not the highlight of my week! Or the fact that the kitchen still stunk of fish 5 days later!

-My Grandad's peach tree has just started to ripen. And he can't get rid of the peaches quick enough-there just seems to be an endless supply of them! So on Wednesday he brought a big bag of them over which I set aside to use in my baking. First I made a Peach Crumble Pie using the recipe here and then a Peach Flan using the recipe here (but changing the strawberries to peaches). And there is still MORE peaches hanging on the tree!

-On Thursday mum and I took the train up to the London to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see Billy Elliot The Musical. I had recently watched the film and LOVED it (but really who wouldn't?) so we booked up to go and see it on stage. And it did not disappoint. Olly Jochim who played Billy was amazingly talented for a 12 year old as was the rest of the cast. The staging was brilliant as well- I still don't know how they managed to fit all those people in all those dance numbers on that tiny stage! However I think the website needs to update its rating certificate from a PG to a 12 due to the sheer amount of swearing in the play. I don't think the mum of the little girl sitting next to me was very pleased!

I also got to see the Poppies In The Moat at the Tower of London, an piece of art created by Tom Piper to commemorate WW1. Each of the 888,246 ceramic poppies that floods the moat is said to represent the life of one fallen soldier.

-Saturday saw the return of The X Factor and I was really happy with the new judging panel. I wasn't sure how Mel would be after that very memoriable stint as Guest Judge in 2012, but she was a really good judge and gelled well with the rest of the panel. And I'm so glad that Simon is back too! It just wasn't The X Factor without him.

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