11 Oct 2014

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Ah! I take it back. Autumn is really not fun, unless you're a fan of getting caught in torrential downpours without an umbrella or constantly shivering ever second of every day not matter how many layers you put on. And I hear it's only getting worse. Roll on the thunder storms and blizzards! Despite this, I have still had a pretty 'smiley week' so here goes:

1. I just realized how boring my life would be without school. The weekends are spent doing the same old things and school gives me that a little bit of drama to stratify and interest me. I always complain about it (doesn't everyone?) but really I do enjoy the social aspect of it, otherwise how would I have met the amazing friends I know today?

2. Hilarious Carole Vordeman showing off her Rear Of The Year in a stunning figure-hugging gown at this years Pride Of Britain Awards with the winner's stories being even more touching than last year, especially the Child Of Courage Award for Renee-Mai who showed incredible bravery when an attacker kept her family hostage for eight-hours and the Special Recognition to £5 million teenager fundraiser Stephen Sutton. A truly emotional and humbling evening.

3. That clean, refreshing feeling when you wash off your make-up after a long day.

4. It was only yesterday I was moaning about it being too hot and now all I seem to say is "I'M SO COOL!". Thank god for jumpers and jackets and coats and hat and gloves and slippers...the list is endless!

 5. Wednesday saw the final of The Great British Bake Off. Richard, having been crowned star baker 5 times (!) was my favorite to win. But as always I was wrong and with the wind behind her caramel sails and a bit plastic drainpipe to help, nothing-to-fancy-gadget-nanny-Nancy was crowned the Princess Of Baking (no one can take Mary's throne). I think Toby, the complete opposite of a lap cat, enjoy it too as he got the best seat in the house- my lap!

6.  And to complete my fab week, I volunteered to help out at my old Brownie pack. It was SO strange being back after 5 years and I can't believe how lovely the girls were too me. What an experience!

How was your week?
Love Beth xx 

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