26 Oct 2014

Late Night Walks, Doughnuts & Fireworks

I know Halloween is less than a week away, but I want to fast forward to the 5th November- Bonfire night! My family are normally quite busy during November so we never get to have our own fireworks. So I managed to persuade my family to take me (I seriously need to hurry up and learn to drive!) to see one of the first public firework displays of this year on Saturday evening at Southend-On-Sea. I know it's early but really it does pay to be organised sometimes.

However we almost missed the fireworks because we got 10 mintues down the road before I remembered I had left my Kindle in the kitchen, so I insisted on going back to get it, to my dad's horror. (How can you non-bookworms survive without reading in the car?).

We just got to the car park as the first firework exploded into the night sky, lighting up the sea. It lasted for what seemed like forever and finally all that was left was the sound of people clapping and cheering as smoke swirled around above our heads. What's not to love about fireworks!

I brought some chips- a trip to the seaside is never complete without them- , a bag of apple doughnuts and settled on a bench next to a beautiful water feature. Before taking a stroll along the seafront, wrapped up in a cosy tartan scarf and gloves. Isn't that what autumn's all about?

Will you being going to see any displays this year?
Love Beth x

P.S Now re-winding to October! I'm excited to tell you that there will be lots of Halloween themed posts coming up next week, so keep your eyes peeled x

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