1 Oct 2014

Outfit Of The Month | September

I don't do many fashion posts, I am aware of that. But I do read a lot of fashion based blogs in my free time so what better way to highlight my love for these bloggers (and their AMAZING fashion taste) than by featuring one once a month in an OOTM post. Watch out girls, I'm coming for ya!

September 2014:
Outfit Of The Month- Burkatron 

My first EVER Outfit Of The Month is Caroline's 'Mom Jeans + Pastels' Topshop combo. I have only been following her blog for a little while after falling upon it by chance, but have now completely and utterly fallen in love with Caroline's style. It's really quite simple ,as you can see from this outfit, but I prefer it a lot more compared to other fashion bloggers who wear really 'out-there' clothes that are either a) too damn well expensive or b) I'm never ever going to be able to pull off in a million years! This blog however is very relatable and features all kinds of clothes for all kinds of different occasions.

 But the reason I specifically choose this outfit was because I love how the blue jeans and the pink of the adorable crop top go together- plus they're from Topshop, one of my favorite high street shops! I could totally see myself wearing this outfit out and about this month, adding a faux fur jacket or boyfriend cardigan if the weather gets chilly. What do you think? Loving the rings and matching nails as much as me?

 Keep an eye out for October's OOTM,
Love Beth xx

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  1. Caroline has styled these mom jeans effortlessly - I can see why you love it! You should include her url in these types of posts too <3 Gisforgingers xx


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