31 Oct 2014

Spooks & Screams From The Blogosphere

Since this is my first time celebrating Halloween on my blog everything is all new and exciting. I've especially noticed how popular Halloween seems to be with my fellow bloggers. There isn't a single blog I follow that doesn't have some sort of Halloween content, which is FAB! 

I don't know what it is but I guess our childlike nature suddenly takes over and we can't resist the sweet treats and joys of October 31st. And anyway what's so bad about that? If the children can do it, so can we. Just please don't go around stamping on people's pumpkins like a group of teens did to ours- it gives teenagers a bad name and really we aren't that bad (I know shocking!) 

So to round up this spooktacular week I have put together a few of my favourite Halloween themed posts from a few of my faverouite bloggers. Enjoy!

- Rosie's naughty triple chocolate apple recipe that's not only fun but super easy to do! Toffee apples are just not for me, all that sticky caramel ruins a perfectly good apple in my opinion.

- This amazing and really helpful Tiger makeup tutorial is just perfect for any Halloween outfit. I know what I'll be wearing next October!

-A rather unusual walk but nevertheless a beautifully spooky Halloween post, with equally as beautiful pictures.

-Two pretty striking manicures by one amazing girl!

-Struggled to pick out just one Halloween themed post as they had so many, but eventually settled on this DIY Flapper Girl Costume complete with hair and all.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Keep safe & have fun,
Love Beth xx

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