30 Oct 2014

On My Nails I The Ghost & Cross

With Halloween approaching I suspect you are busy picking out your pumpkins, buying toffee apples and decorating your house to the max. But there is always time to sit down and bring out the Big Guns. Also known as my rather extensive collection of nail polishes! And what better time to get creative than on Halloween week:

For this mani I transformed my thumb, middle and ring finger into mini ghosts with the remaining two nails sporting gravestone crosses on a gold background.

To do the ghosts I used the Barry M Nail Polish in white and Nail Art Pen in black (as seen in this post here). I did eyes first ,after the background dried, drawing them just above the center of the nail. Then followed shortly after by whatever mouth I fancied, giving them each their own little personality. I know I'm sad...then I painted on four little humps at the tip of the nail to give the ghosts' their famous shape. Don't they look adorable?

The pinkie and index finger are painted in one of my newest polishes, Maybelline New York Gold Shimmer. It was amazing at sliding onto my nails without any effort on my part what so ever. And the end result was a beautifully smooth, glittery manicure. I also used some nail decals Crosses on them (however forgot to take pics!). They are from a cute online shop I fell upon one day and are really easy to apply once you've got the hang of them. Simply follow the online instructions!

Let me know what you think below,
Love Beth x

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