15 Oct 2014

Vichy: Idealia Life Serum and Eye Review

I got sent these samples last week and have been a very busy bee testing them out for you. I'll admit I have never heard of Vichy before today but after using some of their products, I would defiantly consider purchasing some myself.

We all want perfect skin but it is oftern forgotten that it atcually needs to be looked after- caking it in makeup and a bit of soap every now and then just isn't enough. As the information pack said "Life is great but it can take its toll and impact your skin: stress, late nights, harmful UV rays, pollution and chemicals". The two products listed below were designed specifically to help transform, brighten and prepare your skin for whatever the day throws at you. But do they really work?

Idealia Life Serum*: I wore this underneath my makeup instead of my usual primer and moisterizer. It felt absolutely wonderful on, even making my hands silky soft because of its beautiful creamy texture. It did make my pores (which, in case you were wondering, are mahoosive!) looked refined and less obvious. However I don't think it really made much of difference to the "radiance" or evenness of my "skin tone". My usual skin care regime has the same if not better effect- not to mention 10 times cheaper as well!

NEW Idealia Eyes*: I have always suffer from dark, tried looking eyes and they constantly make me feel self-conscious. This product, ignoring the funny smell it gives off, was amazing at making my "eye contour softer, hydrated and more supple". Apparently it does have anti-wrinkle properties too but *touch wood* I've got any to test it out on quite yet!

Suitable for sensitive and oily skin

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?
Love Beth xx

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