7 Nov 2014

My Sister's Keeper I Jodi Picoult

Hello Lovelies! Have you heard the news? Its true, I have a new favourite book and as hard as it is to admit it...its a very (very!!) close second to The Kite Runnner! Shocker I know, but if you take a seat and maybe whip up a quick cuppa, you'll find out why:

In the aftermath (quite literally 3.5 mintues after) of reading My Sister's Keeper I am both emotional drained and exhilarated to the point where I can't sleep. This story tells of Anna, a girl born solely for the purpose of being an donor to her cancer strikend sister Kate, the battle her family have endured for 14 years and the day Anna decides to file a lawsuit against her parents forcing her to donate a kidney without her permission.

From the first page there is an uneasy atmosphere that only the great authors can create. And although lightened by the budding on-off romance of Julia and Campbell and the childish humour, it always lingers. At the moment, after saviouring The Turning Of The Last Page, my brain can't seem to function. Clearly the story was never going to end happily ever after. But I. didn't. not. expect. it. to end. like. that. As Jodi said in an interview:

"This is the first book one of my children has read. The day Kyle finished the book, I found him weeping on the couch. He pushed me away and went to his room. Eventually when we did sit down, he kept asking "Why? Why did it have to end like this?". The answer I gave him is this: because it isn't an easy book to read, there are no easy answers. Medically, this ending was a realistic scenario for the family and the only way to hammer home to all the characters what's truly important in life. I wanted to be true to the story- this was the right conclusion"

And I think I might do the same as Kyle, expect for different reasons. I'm going upstairs to read it all OVER again! I want to relax in the company of the not-so-tough-brother Jesse who represents pretty much half of society, that darling dog who stole my heart, Brian the kind of dad I hope my children will have one day, Sara who I can both blame and sympathise with and ultimately two very brave, inspirational girls. The slippery slope of morality and ethics still no clearer than when I started reading: Was it right? Was it wrong? Was it legal? Was it fair? But what I do know- It was an absolutely amazing read.

I suggest you hurry down to your local bookshop as soon as and get your hands on a copy. 

Have you read this book? What did you think?
Love Beth xx


  1. I did not read the book but I did see the film a couple of years ago. I didn't really like the film, I thought it was too much of a tear-jerker but I can imagine that the book must be pretty nice. :) By the way, are you on Goodreads?

    1. I haven't seen it but I can imagine :) And no, sorry Eva I don't xx

    2. You should create an account, it's a great website :)


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