16 Nov 2014

Dancing Queen | Who Knew?

In the past you will probably have heard me talking about how social awkward and uncool I am compared to most people my age. I'm the complete opposite of the stereotype of a teenage- minus the terrible skin! My idea of a good night is curled up on the sofa, drinking tea and watching Coronation Street reruns (how sad!).  And dance floors scare the poo out of me...until last Friday night that is.

(L-R) Meriel, Me, Rebecca, Bethan & Natasha!

My friends Rebecca invited me and 4 other girls to an All-You-Can-Eat-Stuff-Ya-Face Chinese Buffet for her 16th. At the last mintue she had to change the date and it just so happened to be the day of a Disco night! As you can imagine I was pretty terrifyed by this since my experiences with nightclubs and discos have been pretty disastrous to say the least. However since it was a group of my besties I sucked it up and went along, first getting ready at Meriel's house and letting her mum drive us there.

8:05pm: The restaurant, Joy Fooks, was atcually really nice with big round tables complete with Lazy Susie, oriental Chinese lanterns and waiters who didn't really understand English. You could basically try anything you wanted to eat from duck pancakes to king pawns, potato chips to spicy chicken balls and MUCH MORE! I'm a fussy eater and I still enjoyed it. 

9:30pm: With our table right next to the dance floor, we could see the DJ gearing up for the music and soon enough he had the disco ball and lasers going like crazy! And already hyper from a mixture of pineapple (don't ask!) and laughing, I wasn't even nervous in the slightest about getting up and dancing. With a whole show of songs playing, we boogied the night away. I didn't even realise I knew the lyrics to so many songs- especially not Abba's Dancing Queen!

11:00pm: Selfies taken. Throats sore. Heels rubbing. My dad called just in time to let me know he was outside, although I doubt he could hear much over Becky terrible singing!

I had an absolutely amazing night with a whole load of photos and memories to take away with me. I know understand why people are obsessed with clubbing! And I think I kind of am too.

Love Beth xx

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  1. Good to read that you enjoyed it so much! :) I absolutely love to dance!!


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