29 Nov 2014

Guest Blog: Winter Wishlist!

Happy weekend everyone! Please take some time to read through the lovely Missa's post she has kindly put together for me since I have SO much work to do at the moment. But I promise I have lots and lots and lots of great posts planned! Until then I leave you in the hands of Missa:

Hi, i'm Missa over at Beauty And The Little Lady and I tend to blog regarding beauty and all things baby, though beauty tends to be the main focus. I am honoured to be a posting this guest post for Bethany! So I thought that I would create a wish list for you guys to read, I know I always love reading fellow blogger's wish lists. I've always been a sucker for Next clothing - I just want it all! And the baby clothes there are just so adorable. So here's my winter wish list which is a mix of clothing for me, my daughter Scarlett Rose and some home-ware.
Duck Parka Cagoule (RRP £14)
I love buying cute coats for Scarlett she looks absolutely adorable in them, I particularly love the duck pattern on this. I could just imagine her going for a walk in the snow in a little pair of wellies and this coat.
Rustic Wood House (RRP £22)
I have a slight obsession with candles so when I saw this it instantly caught my eye! the cute rustic wooden house would fit perfectly in my living room.
Bunny Tunic (RRP £6.50)
Again another super cute long sleeved t-shirt that would be perfect for the little lady, I just can't stop buying clothes for her - she probably has more than me. Covered with bunnies throughout the tunic this would be perfect with a pair of frilly bum tights. Or you could cut up the material and use your seeing skills to create something.

Moose Brushed Cotton Print Bed Set (RRP £38)
I love, love bedding - again another slight obsession of mine! This Moose print double set is perfect for winter/christmas.

Trapeze Sweater (RRP £24)
I love buying over sized jumpers/t-shirts to hide my post pregnancy belly and the comfy look is to great too! Also this comes in one of my favourite colours so even better!
Grey Knitted Throw (RRP £34)
This chunky knitted throw will definitely keep those tutsies toasty during those cold winter months, especially with the fleece lining! They are great for cuddling up on the sofa with and catching up on The Walking Dead!
Woolly Twist Cushion (RRP £16)
Last but not least to complete that cosy winter night in is a gorgeous knitted cushion. Again I love cushions- they are stacked up all on my bed (though they can be a pain when you just want to climb in!)


  1. This is a great post. I work at Next and it really is the worst...I always leave work having spent what I've earned because its all so gorgeous! Great picks :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. I feel your pain! But now it's Christmas I feel that maybe, just maybe we can treat ourselves for once x

  2. I think its so nice that people make blogpost for each other now. and make friends through our blogs
    ppppplllllleeeasssee come follow my blog it would honestly make my day!

    1. The blogging community is wonderful and of course I will take a peek x


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