26 Nov 2014

At The Movies I The Hunger Games

Despite desperately wanting to go to the cinema to see The Hunger Games last Thursday, the day it come out, and being completely annoyed when all the seats had sold out, I still managed to get there 3 days later on the Saturday. Not too bad, I guess. I had previously read the book a few years ago before the first film come out but had not read it since, so parts of it were a little fuzzy. So I quickly (after jumping around with joy when I heard it was coming out the following month!) read the book at an extremely fast speed- even for my standards.

I would definitely recommend you read the book as well (before if possible :D ) because you loose so much information in the film as there just isn't enough time. The details are there but if you don't know what they are you won't notice them and that's such a shame when the director has gone to all that effort.

For the film, I wondered if I would miss the action of the arena since that has been the main focus of the other two films. But truth be told, I really didn't. There was plenty of light and shade and exciting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments. So the plot: Somehow, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But she still isn't safe. Yet she must become the face of the rebellion and try to put an end to The Hunger Games once and for all- whatever the personal cost. Not to mention that the Capital have Peeta imprisoned doing God knows what to him! Exciting right?

The whole film is very dramatic but I love how they added a bit of humour into it, mostly from Haymitch but who else did you expect? And the make-up and CGI work they did on Peeta was AMAZING! I am also so glad they decided to include 'The Hanging Tree' song because not gunna lie...I might have learnt the words. That's how much of a fan I am, spending precious revision time on learning song lyrics!

So basically this film is amazing, enjoyed by my parents and 10 year old brother alike. And I would really hate the cliffhanger at the end if I didn't already know the ending! Just another reason from Bethany why you HAVE TO read the books too. And yes I am aware that this had become a bit of a book review too...popcorn! Movie enough for you?

Have you seen the film? ,
Love Beth xx


  1. I really like the film too but almost think they could have done it in one instead of two! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I understand what you mean but it was already 2 hours long without any of the real action! Imagine how long it would go on for if it was the whole thing


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