9 Dec 2014

Christmas Cards,Wrapping Paper & Glitter

As you probably know, I spent the majority of my weekend knee deep in Father Christmas wrapping paper, bits of screwed up cellotape and plastic bags. But before we begin can I just ask you to take a moment to relish in the adorable-ness of those glittery reindeers. How cute are they?

Anyway as I was saying...We think of Christmas as a time to relax after a very long year- or at least that's how the adverts on TV protray it. (Just imagine a world with adverts that contain droopy trees, arguing in-laws and burnt turkeys!)

But the truth is that it can be a pretty stressful time and despite the fact I tried to minimalize this by setting myself the goal of finishing Christmas shopping by November, it never goes to plan! We have a couple of bags of food and presents in our online shopping basket but that's all. And the more flaps I open on my Cadbury's advert calendar and the more Christmas songs I hear on the radio, the closer I realise we are getting to 25th!

So that's how my weekend of gift wrapping and letter writing began. And to some that may seem like a chore, but I couldn't help getting in the merry festive spirit with all that red and green blurring my vision. I love giving gifts, almost more than I love receiving them! And I think that is the most special thing about Christmas: spending time looking for that right gift, attempting to perfectly wrap it in the most festive paper you can find and taping a beautifully written hand-made card to the front.

If your struggling with gift ideas this Christmas (I swear it gets harder each year!) I've made you a very mini list of the best places to buy:
-Wrapping Paper (my fav is the peas wearing Santa hats!)

What do you love about Christmas? Is it the wrapping too? 
Love Beth xx

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  1. I enjoy the wrapping more than the present shopping! This year I have cute animal paper and also some gold and white sparkly paper.


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